Tuesday, April 16, 2013

10 on Tuesday #11

O1. It's been a while since I participated in 10 on Tuesday! Bad me, I've been a busy bee :P

O2. If you haven't yet, check out the Summer Fun Swap that Cindy & I are co-hosting! Signups close on April 30th!

O3. My friend Elaine had her baby girl Zoe on April Fool's Day! How awesome is that?! Of course, now every year the poor girl has to prove that she was born on April Fool's, haha. She is a-friggin'-dorable!

Mama & baby Zoe!

O4. I get to go to my next Yelp Elite event this Wednesday without a +1 *gasp* It'll be the Silicon Valley Restaurant Week Launch Party where we will sample bites & sangria from California Cafe while learning all about Silicon Valley Restaurant Week. I'm excited yet nervous to be going stag ^^;

O5. I cannot believe that conference is next week! I am so ready for a mini vacay with the hubs down in San Diego! :D

O6. Speaking of conference...I haven't booked my hotel yet... I'm such a procrastinator, oyyy...

O7. Buying a home is a pain in the ass. We're putting in an offer for a really nice townhouse so keep your fingers crossed for us! We really want this place, it's so nice & in a nice area *fingers crossed*

O8. I really am tired of waiting for the next new episode of Once Upon A Time! Hurry the f-up! I am already forgetting what happened in the last few episodes...

O9. I am assuming that I didn't get the per diem job at the hospital, oh well. They don't know what they're missing, haha! When one door closes, another opens :D

1O. Have you added me on Bloglovin' yet?! Hurry up! ;)

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  1. Your friends baby is adorable. Too cute.

    San Diego? Fun! I like like an hour from there, love it. Good luck with the house hunting!