Monday, April 8, 2013

Bye March, Hello April

I love how March just flew by & now we are already a week into April! Sheesh how time flies!

On March 26, we had another hangout with the girls before Elaine's baby girl made her appearance. We had our little hangout at Islands Burger. I had a rather rough day at work (patients not cooperating, one vomiting x2, found out one of my patients passed away unexpectedly) so I had myself two drinks during happy hour & had an order of sliders for dinner, lol. It was great seeing the girls again as usual :)

Islands sliders, lava flow & mango-rita ;)

On March 29th, I had to work up in the Castro Valley since they needed help. The rehab staff decided to go out for lunch at Rigatoni's, nom nom. After work, I needed a double chocolaty chip frap from Starbucks to keep me awake for the ride home *yawn* Then dinner was at Moveable Feast where we got KoJa & Fairycakes :D

It's a foodie type of Friday

On Easter Sunday, Vinh & I decided to go have lunch at Outback Steakhouse after shopping for interview clothes for yours truly. We ended up ordering a pitcher of sangria, bahahahaa :P

Pitcher of sangria & good food for Easter

On April Fool's Day, the rehab staff fooled Scott with a surprise potluck since we all found out he was getting hitched on April 6th. He was just about to get away with it, but we found out, haha. Happy marriage life & to many more years of suffering like the rest of us married folk, Scott & Marybeth ;)

Congrats Scott!

I also found out that Elaine had her little baby girl Zoe on April 1st as well so I had to go visit her after finishing up work in Castro Valley on April 2nd. What an adorable baby girl! Congrats Elaine & David on parenthood :D

Congrats Elaine, Zoe is adorable!

I had a job interview for a weekend OT position at a hospital on April 3rd. I still don't know if I got the job or not until sometime this week as the director is still interviewing potential applicants. My interview lasted 45 minutes, dang! Vinh & I had dinner at Outback again to just celebrate me finishing my interview :P

Post interview dinner

On April 5th, Vinh & I had a dinner date with the Lavelles (our officiant & his wife) at Buca di Beppo in Campbell. It was tons of fun catching up with them & trying out Buca for the first time. Let's just say we stuffed our faces silly with a salad, 3 pasta dishes & tiramisu. Biggest tiramisu of my life *points down to photo*

Dinner with the Lavelles

On April 6th, Vinh & I went to see three open houses for potential homes before heading down to Palo Alto to that Buca di Beppo for Sonya's early birthday dinner party. I finally got to meet her new man Evan & I approve ;)

Early birthday dinner for Sonya

On April 7th, I wanted brunch...specifically eggs benedict so I had a brunch date with the hubs at Los Gatos Cafe. Om nom nom goodness!

Sunday brunch date with the hubs

After brunch, we went to Shane Co. to get our semi-annual bling cleaning! Look how shiny it is!

Semi-annual cleaning at Shane Co. *stares at bling*

That's my last two weeks in a nutshell, whew~


  1. LOL DAMN, I thought you were busy reading your last post. How do you find time for all of this & get time to relax Mrs Annie? You need some of it LOL

    All the found places look YUMMY! I LOVE LOVE LOVE OUTBACK! I keep begging James to take me to Joes Crab Shack tho, I want some crab legs BAD! James will actually be in Cali that last weekend of April, I wish I was going with to try & come down & meet you! NEXT YEAR IT'S A MUST TO ARRANGE :)

    I love your ring & necklace! They are both so shiny now :)

  2. Your entries always make me hungry! I really shouldn't read it on an empty I want ALL THE THINGS, RAWR.

    Congrats to Elaine! Zoe is such a darling! :D
    <--crazy baby fever