Monday, April 1, 2013

Filoli 2013

This time of year, there is only one place I wish to be at & that would be Filoli! Little random tidbit: If weddings were allowed here, Vinh & I would've held our wedding here around this time. Yup, I would've given up my awesome anniversary date for one in March/April. Anyhoo, enjoy the gorgeousness of spring at Filoli :)

Front of the estate

The ballroom that you can no longer walk into :(

Pink tulips & little blue flowers = fave combo!

Pretty wisteria

Oodles of different tulips!

Pots & pots of tulips

Even more tulips

Purple star flowers hidden in the yellow tulips

Sunken Garden

Rose garden sans blooming roses

Red tulips galore, bam!

I love this combo of flowers!

Annie's secret garden :)

Water fountain

Cherry blossom

Too bright so we cheesin' it ;)

Field of daffodils

Big ol' pot

My little octobabies charm bracelet :P

If you are ever in the Bay Area, be sure to check out Filoli in the springtime ;)

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