Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Color Run SJ 2013

On May 18th, Vinh & I partook in our third Color Run, but our first in San Jose! We were joined by our coworkers Debby & Shwe for the morning. We started off oh so white & we got doused in glorious color all the way to the finish line. It was Vinh & I's mission to get the newbies as much color as possible, haha :)

We so clean! :P

After leaving the pink zone, I realized that this run isn't as fun as SF's. Why? I couldn't freely grab color from the barrels & toss them at people, boo! However, I broke that rule twice despite being semi-yelled at, haha. Nothing's gonna stop me from having some color fun ;)

Throwing the peace sign after the pink zone

We're a bunch of cheetos ;)

Happy after the blue zone

Let's say we still had plenty of fun despite the city trying to stay "clean," lol. We stood in line to get our after photos done by the photographers there.

Our obligatory couple pose

We're oh so colorful!

It wouldn't be fun unless we had some before & after photos so let's commence!

The married couple

Team kaleidoscope

After our photos were taken, we walked around the after party area. Shwe & I took a bite out of the Red Bull winged taco, grabbed some free Red Bull (blueberry for me!), grabbed some free KIND bars, took a photo at the Microsoft tent & partook in the last color throw before jetting home to the shower :P

Nomz winged taco :P

Our Microsoft photo

Last color throw!

I would say that I'd definitely choose to do the San Francisco one over the San Jose one any day, but still a fun day overall :)


  1. hahaha getting semi yelled at. How can someone resist color throwing?! You got such awesome pics from this run! Loved your outfit!! It's awesome your coworkers ran with you!!!

  2. One of these times, I promise myself to make it! Looks like one hell of a time :)