Sunday, May 12, 2013

Where Did April Go?

I felt like I was gonna update before heading to conference & before you know it, May snuck in! So here's a real quickie recap of the rest of April :P

On April 10th, we had an OT month celebration for all the department heads/important people in the facility. It was nice to have a big ol' party to celebrate OTs & what we do at work all day. Go OT!

Lots of yummy food at the OT month potluck

On the weekend of April 13-14, my nephew came back along with my brother-in-law & his wife to hangout with the family before they moved to Massachusetts. Of course, all Dawson wanted to do was play with his favorite auntie & how could I say no to that face :P

He knows how to look cute, lol

Helping auntie & uncle with the laundry, haha

On April 16th, I finally reached the gold level for my Starbucks card, whoohoo! Gold status, baby :)

Bling bling gold level

On April 21st, I had Sonya hangout with me while Vinh was at work. Afterwards, we all had dinner together at Aqui's, nom nom!

Yummy healthy food!

Then of course, I ended OT month with attending the second largest AOTA annual conference to date!


  1. oh look at all that FOOD ! YUM :) :)

    Looks like you had a great time with your Nephew & CONGRATS on your GOLD STATUS :) :) Wooohoooo!

  2. May did sneak in and is going fast! You're having fun teasing me with all this food aren't you?! haha
    Your nephew is adorable! Here's to another great summer! Though it will be practically impossible to beat the last one!