Sunday, June 30, 2013

CMYE: Midsummer Night's Yelp

On June 26, I had the pleasure of attending the biggest community Yelp event of the year: Midsummer Night's Yelp! Obviously Vinh was my +1, but we also didn't venture into this event alone! Steve, Derrick & Sonya were also with us this time around = bigger Yelp party!

Steve, Vinh & I carpooled up to West Valley College to save parking at their parking lot #5. We arrived 15 min after check-in started (Sonya & Derrick arrived on time). We promptly got scanned in by the Yelp crew & then stood in the second line to donate our $10 to the charity of the night & receive our wristbands. While waiting in line #2, KIND bars was there to pass out their two newest flavors! Afterwards, we cut in line #3 since Sonya & Derrick were already in line for the shuttle buses to take us to the event venue. We ended up in the party bus on our way up, what what! :P

Blurry but cute photo on the party bus up!

You'll undoubtedly see a million complaints about the three lines to get onto the shuttle buses. But I can see why it took so long since the shuttles have to go uphill to get to Montalvo & that took at least 10 minutes if you didn't hit every red light there. Anyhoo, we got there & got super excited to go sample bites from every vendor & frolic away!

Sonya & I after getting off the shuttle

After letting the newbies check in to get their free Yelp sunglasses, the first vendor we ran into was Rubio's! Delicious blackened tilapia tacos for our hungry tummies, it was heaven *drool* We also ran into dessert right away by Sweet Orchid. Their chocolate hazelnut gelato tasted like heavenly nutella!

First vendor of the night!

So many desserts from Sweet Orchid!

Full list of vendors located here. There was also a dance troupe performing as we were busy sampling bites. There was also a photo op box that we got to stand in to take a photo with the whole arboretum/lawn behind us; such a gorgeous venue!

Photo op time

After the photo op, there was more chowing down on a veggie roll from Michi's, a chocolate pinot noir adult milkshake from The Counter, sweet & savory bites from Raw Daddy, paella from Hola Paella, matcha flavored kettle corn from Peter's Kettle Corn, chocolate-covered fruit from Edible Arrangements, spicy chicken from Arabian Nights & so much more! I also ran into Eugene L that I met at the Good Karma Ball back in January. That concluded the first portion of the event & we decided that now that our bellies were about to burst, it'd be a good time to head to the lawn area for the other portion of the event. I figured that I better go get my face painted by Poppy before his line gets too long. Luckily, he was at the end of the lawn where not a lot of people ventured to. I let Sonya go first so Vinh & I could take our photo with the heart hula hoop from the vendor next door :)

I heart you!

After my face paint, Vinh wanted to get a turtle on his forearm, haha. Sonya & I had a little fun doing some hula hooping! Then we turn around & there was Eugene L again! Me thinks he was stalking us, jk! He helped us with taking photos so we thought we should have a photo with our "stalker," too ;)

Having a good time on the lawn :)

Our stalker Eugene L ;)

My tokidoki-inspired facepaint by Poppy

After hanging with our "stalker" for a bit, we decided to check out a few more vendors. We ran into the Heretic brewers & I decided to try all three of their brews: gramarye, evil twin & evil cousin. All were pretty good brews I must say. Just a little down the line we ran into the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company & grabbed ourselves a chocolate porter like from the Yes We Can Summertime Launch party event! Even the lady remembered us from the last event, hehe. Then we had some beet & potato salad from Morocco's restaurant, yum!

Heretic's brews

We met back up with Steve & Derrick to take some more group shots before the night ended. Can you tell we love our Yelp balloons? :P

In front of the Montalvo building

Reppin' Yelp

We went to get in line for shuttles back since we knew the lines were gonna be crazy. I started posting photos with the hashtag #MidsummerNightsYelp to instagram & the Laugh Box printed those photos with the hashtag out for people like me to take as a souvenir home! I ended up getting 7 photos printed out & they were a great reminder of our wonderful night!

Lots of schwag as usual from a Yelp event

What is a Yelp bash without some free schwag, hmm?

  • 2 Yelp sunglasses
  • 2 Zico coconut waters
  • 1 Honest Tea fizz
  • 1 Guayaki Yerba Mate drink
  • 2 Hint waters
  • 1 KIND bar
  • 2 flavors of kettle corn
  • 7 photos printed by the Laugh Box

That completed my Wednesday night! Special thanks to Abby & the Yelp team for putting on this wonderful event on a gorgeous venue for all of us Yelpers. Until the next Yelp event!

Want to know more about Yelp Elite & Yelp community events? Just ask & I'll gladly answer, just be sure to leave your contact info!

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  1. As always, these YELP events look like so much fun! I love the "i heart you" photo! Super cute :)Those sweets look super yummy too!
    How long did your bus ride take?