Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CMYE: Yes We Can Summertime Launch Party

This past Sunday, Vinh & I had the pleasure of attending another intimate community yelp event in Half Moon Bay: Yes We Can Summertime Launch Party! We were hoping for some fun in the sun, but weather in Half Moon Bay is never really sunny (unless you're really lucky!). We arrived at the Maverick's Event Center a little early so Vinh & I decided to scope out the scenery a bit :)

Gloomy but gorgeous Half Moon Bay

Lookin' down towards the shore

Once the party was open for business, we went in, got our nametags & donated money to Coastside Hope, which is a local nonprofit that helps feed the hungry in the area. I loved the little beach-themed centerpieces & off course, all the Yelp schwag!

Beachy centerpiece & free schwag!

Vinh & I went straight for the food samples which included: ahi tuna bites on cucumber, hummus with fried bread, ranch dressing with assorted veggies (carrots, celery, squash, bell peppers) & beeramisu for dessert! My favorite food item was definitely the beeramisu *drool* Such a delicious delight on a plastic spoon!

Ahi tuna bites, hummus & veggies


Vinh & I headed outside to sit with a broken lamp heater (we didn't realize it was broken 'til later). We grabbed some lemonade & iced tea before heading over the the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company's mini bar to check out their beer list. They had three types of beer to offer us yelpers: pace setter (Belgian-style wit), back in the saddle (rye pale ale) & pit stop (chocolate porter). I ended up getting the pace setter, which I loved!

Beer selection

I returned with my beer to find that Vinh already made a new friend: Mariano A. We each got a different beer so I ended up having a taste of all three. I liked mine the best, haha.

Pit stop, back in the saddle & pace setter

Anyhoo, we got to hang out for a bit before heading indoors for Abby to make her announcements. Then we headed to the Blue Orange table to learn some of their "French" games. We first learned the different versions of Spot It! & then we learned 20 Express. For the last game of Spot It!, it was winner takes all & guess what? I WON! I ended up winning the whole game set for Spot It!, haha. Afterwards, we headed outside for a bit to warm up with the fire pit.

Fire pit run on propane, haha

We had photos taken by the lovely host venue before we headed back to the dreaded heat of San Jose.

Vinh & I with the view of the volleyball area

With our new friend Mariano

I ended up getting some free schwag from Yelp, Half Moon Bay Crewing Company (bottle opener & 2 free complimentary clam chowder coupons) & Blue Orange (Spot It! game) :D

Free schwag!

Thanks Abby for another fun event despite some chilly weather! It was still a great time & we got to meet new people while exploring new things :D

Want to know more about Yelp Elite & Yelp community events? Just ask & I'll gladly answer, just be sure to leave your contact info!

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  1. Looks like so much fun <3
    I am so jealous of all your yelp events :)

    Beer looks yummy & it's a bummer your heater was broken :/