Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

I meant to type up this post as soon as my birthday weekend was over, but that obviously didn't happen, haha! Anyhoo, the birthday celebrations began on May 31st! Priscilla brought me a chocolate mousse cake in for me to celebrate my birthday with the rehab crew. We got a knife from the kitchen & it was super long...I was told to put the knife down for the photo, haha :P

Rehab birthday celebration

She wanted to get writing on the cake, but the dude working in the bakery wasn't a regular in that department & she didn't want the cake ruined, lol. It was still yummy nonetheless :)

Thanks for my chocolate mousse, Priscilla!

After having dinner at Moveable Feast, Vinh & I headed home to pack our things before heading out to Pebble Beach to Debby's condo (that I borrowed for the weekend). Boy did we get stuck in traffic for a while despite leaving after traffic hours, ugh! We finally arrived at Debby's condo & was freezing to much that I started feeling nauseous & just wanted to warm up under the blanket. We had to figure out how to turn on the water & that was done a little after midnight. We promptly went to bed after turning on the heaters...

On June 1st, we woke up to an absolutely beautiful day in Pebble Beach. We didn't have a wake up time since we just wanted sleep, hehe.

Gorgeous day out!

We both got ready & then headed out to get breakfast at Katy's Place in Carmel, which was suggested to us by Debby. The food was delish, though I wish it wasn't as expensive as it was, but eh... Vinh had a delicious lobster benedict while I had okay berry blintzes. At least my plate was sure pretty!

Berry blintzes

After breakfast, we headed off to use Debby's member passes to get into the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I actually didn't know that Vinh had never been so it was fun for him :P

Near the member's entrance

We had fun walking through all the different exhibits. Vinh enjoyed the seahorse exhibit the most while I thoroughly enjoyed my jellies! I was so excited to see a baby turtle though, so cute~

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Another world...

After we finished walking around, we went to the gift shop since Debby's member card gave us a discount. I had to take a photo with the sunfish mola mola stuffed animal for my sister (inside joke via Animal Crossing). The lady behind me grabbed a shark to place on my shoulder for the photo & made me jump, lol! She was funny though & Vinh did snap a pretty Kodak moment, haha :P


Mola mola :P

Vinh ended up buying me a pair of blue seahorse earrings & I got my sister a mola mola charm, haha. It was so derpy looking. After leaving the aquarium, we stopped by Nestle Toll House to get something sweet. I got a scoop of fudge tracks (chocolate peanut butter cups with chocolate fudge in vanilla ice cream) on a waffle cone, nomz!

Nom nom ice cream!

We headed back to the condo for a nap afterwards before getting ready for dinner. Roy's Restaurant was recommended to me by quite a few people for work so I caved, which I am so happy I did. The restaurant was located inside the Inn at Spanish Bay (where we also took our engagement photos). Let's just say I had a delicious early birthday meal, which made for a very happy birthday girl. I ordered Roy's Hawaiian Delight as my drink & it gave me nostalgia since it takes very close to a Trinity Sunset *sigh* We started off with lakanilau roll, then moved onto a roasted pepper soup, then to our entrees of wasabi seared scallops (Vinh's) & Thai basil hoisin glazed red ruby snapper, & finally finished with the brandy snap basket for dessert.

Early birthday dinner :)

After filling our tummies with yummy food, we drove around the 17-mile drive for a bit before stopping to wait for the sunset since there was no fog out! It was of course, gorgeous! We did freeze our tushies off since it was so windy, haha :P

Stormy sea

Our rock tower

Waiting for the sunset


We drove home on June 2nd, my actual 26th birthday since we didn't wanna be completely pooped. We headed to Sunnyvale so that I can partake in the art & wine festival. Steve & my sister Lonnie joined us & Steve bought me a bundlet birthday cake in raspberry lemon, nomz! Afterwards, we went to get some tea at Sipatea before Steve had to leave. Sonya came over later & we had dinner at the Korean food plaza since she wasn't busy. We also went to Paris Baguette to get me another dessert, nomz!

Birthday nomz!

& that my friends, was my birthday weekend. Fairly mellow & that's the way I like it :)

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  1. Looks like you had ONE amazing Birthday, minus the freezing cold aspect of the first night :) hehe

    That plate does look awfully delicious, sucks it wasn't as good as it looks tho :/

    I absolutely adore the sunset <3 GORGEOUS :)

    I am glad you had a great birthday Annie :)