Monday, June 3, 2013

May Madness

Where the heck did May go, my goodness gracious! Actually where is 2013 going?! Here's a recap of what I've been up to this past month!

I had the day off for the first day of May, but you wouldn't really call it a day off as I spent most of my morning & a good portion of my afternoon placing an offer on a townhouse with my agent. We turned it in just 6 minutes before the offer was due, whew~

Sky & lunch after putting in our offer

To celebrate putting in that offer (which we didn't accepted for, boo!), we decided to go eat dinner at Blue Mango & try their menu on the last day of Silicon Valley Restaurant Week. You can say we left with a full belly :)

Om nommy Thai/Japanese food place

On May 3rd, we had the pleasure of viewing Rare Candy: A Pokémon Gallery, where the first 151 pokémon were depicted by different SJSU students & then to be auctioned off with the money going to charity. I really enjoyed looking at all the different mediums & interpretations that the artists did. Below are my favorites :)

I love pokémon!

After looking at the gallery, we walked into the Treatbot truck & I finally got to try one of their treatpops! Can you say yummy?!

Strawberries & creme treatpop & chocolate in a waffle cone

On May 4th, I had the pleasure of walking around the A La Carte & Art Festival in Mountain View & I bought myself a new magnetic necklace where you can change out the magnets to create a new necklace. Designs are by Mark Poulin :)

My magnetic necklace & 5 magnets :)

On Cinco de Mayo, Sonya & I went to get our first ever mani & pedi done at JJ Nail Care. I must say it was a very interesting experience. I was not expecting my lady to actually scrub my feet! I got ticklish so I tried real hard to contain my laughter since it was so quiet in the shop at the time, lol. I really did have a good experience though & I shall be back in the future to get another pretty design done :)

Manis done!

Pedis done!

Blingy toes :)

Our manis :)

Close up of my mani :)

On May 8th, I went to have orientation for my new per diem home health occupational therapist job! Afterwards, we got Vinh a new iPhone 4S & moved him out of the stone age ;)

Kiyora with Vinh's new iPhone 4S

On May 10th, the rehab department threw a Hawaiian luau for nurses week. I got lei'd, haha! Later that night, Vinh & I had a mini date night to go watch The Great Gatsby on opening day. Let's just say I would highly recommend seeing it. The book was deeper than I could ever remember from reading it in high school, haha.

Hawaii anyone?

The Great Gatsby

On May 17th, I went out to do my first home health OT eval & that was exciting, especially since my patient was so high level & easy. I also got to pick up my badge & my OT kit from work to use :D

I'm a big girl now!

On May 18th, the Color Run happened & you can read the post here. I also attended my first Yelp elite event stag & you can read about that here. Then my sister Helen graduated on May 22nd with a BA in Child & Adolescent Development major while we watched in the freezing cold, haha. It was worth it to see our little one onto the teaching credential program :P

"Yay, I graduated!"

On May 24th, Vinh & I decided we needed another date night after a horridly long week at work. We partook in eating at Chevy's & then watched the Hangover 3 on opening day. I don't care what the stupid reviews said, I enjoyed the movie nonetheless! We totally needed the laughs & it served that purpose well :)

Date night #2

On May 25th, Vinh & I borrowed my sister & her friend's Fanime badges so that I could go into the dealer's hall to meet Kim of Oborocharms as well as do a teensy bit of shopping. Kim ended up giving me a toast charm for free *squee* Vinh also ended up buying me an eevee for an early birthday present, so soft~

Fanime newbies

This be my grumpy cat face :P

On May 26th, we decided to go check out the roses we pruned way back in January. I shall only show gay princess as it was the only semi-blooming left, haha. When we pruned it, it was basically like only 2-3 inches tall, so look at it :D

Gay Princess

Then I decided to take Vinh to Montalvo's arboretum for a little perusing & mini hike :)

Hi Vinh!

On May 29th, I had the day off & to which I found out that my grandpa was in the hospital with a mini stroke so I promptly went to visit grandpa dearest at the hospital. That led to me advocating for softer food for him & assisting with putting his dentures in & feeding him.

View from grandpa's hospital room

I ended up taking another day off on May 30th so that I could spend time with my grandpa again. After spending lunch with him, we found out that he was going to be discharged home the next day! In celebration of that & in preparation of my birthday, my sister Helen & I went to check out Michelle's Nail Spa for a little pampering :)

Our pretty manis, heavenly foot soak, snacks & massage chairs

I love my ocean-inspired mani

On May 31st, I had my last teeth cleaning with my dentist as my health insurance via my parents will expire on my birthdate (boo!). My teeth were all pretty for my home health patient...who refused to see me, lol.

My shiny teeth & me!

That is my crazy month of May in a nutshell! Sorry for the super long post! I'll try to be better for June, but no promises as it looks pretty hectic as well ;)


  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Yummy looking food!

    I can't wait to see Hangover 3. I love all the other movies, so I hope this movie is just as funny.

    I can see why May slipped away from you. You've been a busy lady! :)

  2. I would have to agree, that is ONE CRAZY MONTH OF MAY FOR YOU! Looks like you guys had a GREAT time tho! I am sorry to hear that your offer on the townhouse did not get accepted :( You will find your dream home soon enough <3 <3 !

    I can't believe you have never had a MANI/PEDI before! Oh girl so relaxing! & YES it tickles! LOL I always laugh like crazy! I worn them first tho, so they know. And they are good about not making me laugh!

    I love those magnet necklaces! Cool idea :)

    Congrats to your sister on her graduation :) Good Degree to have!

    & I have been wanting to see the hangover 3. I must go see now! :)

    Glad your grandpa is out & doing better!!!!! :)

    Addicted to Mani/Pedi now eh? LOL

  3. For as much times I had a pedicure, it's always ticklish for me! Somethings will never change. :)

    I love those magnetic necklaces! Those designs are so cute!

    Man, that sounded like a crazy but fun month! :D Love all the pictures!