Sunday, July 14, 2013

Farewell June!

Oh my goodness, I get farther & farther behind with blogging! Here's a quickie-ish recap of my busy month in June!

My skilled nursing facility went through their annual state survey. I ended up making reference cards for the rehab team to wear with their badges so that if a surveyor comes & asked us a question, we'd know the answer. Can't say the same for all the other departments, haha!

My color-coded reference cards

I also attended a shoulder class for my continuing education. I ended up running into four classmates there which was awesome! Lots of catching up & learning about different shoulder conditions, how to identify them & treat them! My shoulders have been renamed "popcorn shoulders" as they pop a lot lately, lol :P

Shoulder class

Right after the shoulder class, Vinh & I headed to Elephant Bar to celebrate Sonya's graduation for her Master's degree! She ended up having 3-4 drinks, one for each of us, bahahaha ;)

Fun times for Sonya's grad

The next day, Vinh & I explored Japantown SJ by eating yummy sushi, having manju & shaved ice. We also visited my grandpa in the nursing home & then my grandma at her place before heading to dinner with my family.


I had a stuffed seal animal in my locker for a patient for sensory input & when I arrived at work on Monday, I saw that it held a note saying "I'm hungry!" Scott wrote the note because he didn't want the poor thing to starve, lol! I love my cowokers ;)


Vinh & I headed for a date night on Friday & went to see This Is The End after having dinner at Aqui's. Can I say this movie is friggin' hilarious?! I especially loved the ending & if any of you know me, you'd know exactly why ;)

Date night

The next day, Vinh & I headed to wine country to check out a few possible homes while also visiting the Bouchon Bakery & V. Sattui Winery before heading home. We ended up getting three more bottles of good wine to take home with us.

Wine country adventures

3 bottles to add to our collection

On some random day, our business admin Deana made dreamsicle cupcakes *drool* You tend to gain weight at work ;)

Oh so yummy~

Sonya also cashed in on her graduation gift so I took her for a mani/pedi to relax from her boyfriend troubles. I got a super talkative gal for my mani/pedi. She made my star pretty & she's all "make a wish, either a diamond or a car & lemme know if you got it next time you come, k?" :P

Patriotic nails

I also had a former patient visit us at work & he ended up giving me a card & a bottle of B&BW lotion as a thank you gift! Gotta love what I do & seeing patients doing so well that they come back to visit :)

My gifts

Last thing we did in June was head out for a day of fun at the beach in Half Moon Bay. First, we went to the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company to redeem our free clam chowders & have lunch before baking in the sun & enjoying the gorgeous weather!

Nom nom clam chower

Enjoying the sun with my man

Just little ol' me with a bright bikini set, haha

Some gorgeous waves :)

I know that was a slightly half-assed entry, but at least you have photos to enjoy! I shall now do my best to catch up for July next ;)


  1. Looks like you had a SUPER busy month, but looks like a lot of fun! I am sorry to hear you two still haven't found a house yet :( Hopefully soon!!! You have some AWESOME patients too :) bringing in gifts for you!
    That dreamsicle cupcake look nummy too! :)

  2. Looks like somebody is busy and having loads of fun!! OMG those cupcakes looks to-die for! Noms indeed!
    aww I'm sorry to hear about not finding a home yet. :( i know you guys will, I believe in you guys!
    love you twinnie <3