Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Redneck 4th of July

Someday I'll get back into the groove of blogging shortly after events happen. Until that happens... Here's a recap of my awesome 4th of July weekend spent in Trinity County!

Vinh & I had a double date with Steve & Derrick on the actual 4th just enjoying deep dish pizza at Blue Line Pizza before heading off to see fireworks :)


On the 5th, Vinh & I woke up at like 5am to begin our 5-hour trip up north. We got into the car & noticed the tire pressure signal on & found out we had a friggin' nail in one of the tires. Granted that none of the mechanics are up at 5am, we filled up the tire & drove for 2 hours before find a mechanic open in the middle of nowhere at 7am. He fixed our tire right up & off we went! We were welcomed to the county by a stupid line to bypass construction in Buckhorn Summit, gotta love pilot cars...

Driving through construction in the mountain

We got into Weaverville by 11am & decided to have lunch at the Trinideli since I wanted their yummy sandwiches. The sandwiches really hit the spot for a hungry belly!

Love the sarcasm/humor of this place!

We left Trinideli & saw that the owner of the army surplus store was very curious about our moving plant toy in our car. We explained how it keeps moving & Vinh ended up giving him the toy. It totally mad this mountain man's day :)

Toy has a new owner!

Afterwards, we walked around downtown Weaverville, going into the little mom & pop stores & such. We finally bought an Olsen ceramic piece for ourselves :) Then we headed over to TCBHS so that I could visit my old coworkers. It was almost like a ghost town, but it was easy to catch up with people since there weren't that many, haha. I loved catching up on gossip with Kim.


After hanging out, we headed to the Lewiston Hotel to check in. We ran into Kerry & he looked hella beat up & we then found out that he got hit by a car in Redding earlier in the day...didn't go to the hospital *shakes head* We ended up getting the same room as last time. We had a dog follow us into our room & proceeded to take our keys. I had to chase him to the stairs where he finally put them down & ran off, ugh...

Key stealer on our bed

Our room

Old school decor

We had dinner at the Mountain Grill where my favorite waitress remembered me as "the burger & fries" girl, lol.

Sun setting in Lewiston

Then we headed back to Weaverville to have drinks at the New York Saloon before meeting up with Kim & her family for the fireworks at Weaverville Elementary. Vinh & I bought these glow necklaces & then wanted a light saber as well. Kim & I proceeded to gossip some more while Vinh had light saber fights with her kiddos, lol.

Drinks & fireworks, oh my!

On the 6th, we decided to go on my favorite dirt road into Weaverville, Browns Mountain Road. We ran into a fallen tree, but had good fun covering the car with dirt ;)

Browns Mountain Road

Fallen tree

Love the layer of dirt!

We had lunch at the Garden Cafe before jetting off on 299W for a bit to relive all the gorgeous scenery we've missed for two years. We even ended up stopping by the river & taking a little dip in the refreshing & clear water! Vinh also dropped his iPhone 4S into the river, but I saved it & it still worked, lol :P

On 299W

Gorgeous river

So refreshing!

One of my favorite scenes from our trip

We stopped by the StrawHouse to get some cold drinks before heading to the Gonpa in Junction City & the Joss House in Weaverville.

Cute logo :)

Chagdud Gonpa

We got to light incense for Vinh's grandma at the Joss House after the tour. I love having connections still, haha. Thank you Jack Frost :)

Joss House

The healers

The emperors/fighters

The women to balance the men out

Afterwards, we headed over to Lowden Park to go see our beloved destruction derby! Nothing like cars ramming into each other in the mud until the death, woot! :D Plus, I got to see some coworkers there that I didn't get to see during the previous day!

The finalists

Burn baby!

Vinh with part of the wreckage!

After destruction derby, we had dinner at the Mountain Grill again before having a drink at the Lewiston Hotel before calling it a night!


On the 7th, Vinh & I got up early to go have breakfast at the Garden Cafe & then getting the llama ice at Mamma Llamas before heading back home. I'm pretty sure we've checked out of the Lewiston Hotel for the last time as we won't be using them anymore due to the change in management. It's just not the same anymore *sigh*

Last day in Trinity County

Back into the construction zone

Whiskeytown Lake

Overall, a very fun trip that made me fulfill my longing for a chill weekend with no agenda. I cannot wait to go back next year for another round of redneck fun :P


  1. Wow looks like you had a really good 4th! The food looks really yummy. Also, I've always wanted to go to one of those derby things. Hope you and the hubs are doing well. Congrats on your new car. :D

  2. You are quite the explorer :)
    I am glad you all had a great 4th of July weekend :) Looks like a lot of fun! I will have to visit Trinity county next time I am in Cali! Looks beautiful :)
    Love the lake picture!

  3. ahh scary tire! I'm glad that you made it to get it fixed! haha roadtrips always begin or end in construction!
    I remember that little solar flower! It's in many a "out the window tourist" pics of mine. haha That was super nice of Vinh to let the man have it. Weaverville may be a ghost town but it's quaint and totally cute!
    Totally laughing at the dog taking your keys! rofl

    That river is so gorgeous and clear!!! So many pretty views from there!!
    yummo food, good friends, fireworks and destruction derby sounds like a super fun 4th!!