Monday, August 5, 2013

AIDS Walk SF 2013

On July 21, Vinh & I participated in the AIDS Walk SF. What prompted us to do it? Well we saw a flyer at the NOH8 photoshoot a week prior & decided to do that instead of a Yelp elite event *gasp* I ended up raising $175 in a week & I got a special shirt & pin, yay! :D


Vinh & I went to find the NOH8 table so that we could get our tattoo since we wanted to rep our team afterall! Afterwards, we had a lovely dance group come on stage to warm us up with some exercises before listening to our celebrity guests speak. The celebrities included: Dan Ashley (ABC7 anchor), Alex Newell (Glee), Tabatha Coffey (Tabatha Takes Over), Sally Struthers (All in the Family) & Anneliese van der Pol (That's So Raven). Boy can Alex sing & walk in higher heels than I ever could, lol :P

Celeb speakers pre-walk

As Sally was saying "I love a man in uniform," the guy pictured below shouted "Me, too!" Sally started cracking up & saying "Oh my gosh, he said 'me, too!'" Too friggin' hilarious!

This guy was hilarious :P

It probably took us a good 10 minutes before getting across the start line to do our 10K (6.2 miles) around Golden Gate Park. You had Dan Ashley around the bend from the starting line on a crane & cheering people on with a megaphone :P

Starting line

There was entertainment along the whole 10K which was awesome! "Pom pom booty bump!" There were also three rest stations along the course for refreshments & snacks. My personal favorite was stations #2 as it had mango popsicles & ZICO coconut water, so refreshing!

Food & entertainment along the course

ABC7 also had a jumbotron recording everyone walking along one portion of the course. Unfortunately, my phone didn't snap it as we were walking along, boo! I came out fairly okay after the 10K since I walk lots during work. Vinh came our sore as heck, haha! Afterwards, Vinh walked to the car with our loot while I stood in line to buy food from Sam's Chowdermobile for lunch. Good food definitely hit the spot after that walk ;)

Finish line

I had six lovely sponsors donating money to the cause so I wrote their names on my forearm for the walk :)

Thank you my lovely sponsors!

I definitely got plenty of loot, that's for sure! However, I think my favorite has got to be my award shirt for raising over $150 for the walk!

Our goodies from the day

Vinh & I have decided that we are definitely doing this again next year & hopefully more people will join us this time around. It's a great time & a great cause :)

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  1. That's amazing you raised so much and got to participate in a great event! and I'm totally fangirling at sally struthers.. she played Rory's next door neighbor in GG! Your goodies look yummo! Cute shirt too!! Congrats! You should definitely be proud of yourselves! :) :)