Thursday, August 1, 2013

CMYE: Tour of Annie Leibovitz Exhibit

On July 11th, Vinh & I had the privilege to go on a docent-led tour of the Annie Leibovitz exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Art free of charge courtesy of Yelp. Vinh actually is not into artsy stuff, but was willing to come with to see the exhibit with me, aww :P

No photos of the exhibit unfortunately

Danny (pictured above) was the curator & our docent for the night. He was very knowledgeable of Annie's work & how each section's photos related to each other. Very inspiring & least for Vinh, he wasn't into it. I really loved how the "Lincoln wall" flowed together really well between three different people. Very hard to explain this exhibit so you'd have to see it for yourself if it ever comes to a city near you since it's traveling around the USA.

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