Monday, August 5, 2013

July Happenings

Yup, July flew by & I am playing catch up now! Horrible... :P

On July 9th, Debby & I decided we haven't gone out in a while so we headed to On The Border per Meridith's request. I had a huge strawberry margarita while catching up with Debby & Meridith. They also had cheap tacos on Tuesdays, nom!

Strawberry margarita

On July 13th, Vinh & I checked out the Los Altos Art & Wine Festival. We ended up basically melting the whole time. Thank goodness for vendors selling fruit smoothies or we'd be a-goner!

Peach, banana & strawberry smoothie

On July 14th, I finally got Vinh to go do a NOH8 photo with me. It was the first NOH8 photoshoot since the Supreme Court rulings over Prop 8 & DOMA! Vinh wouldn't let the dude put duct tape on me since he was all "I want to do it!" Friggin' dork, lol. I ended up making up our pose again & Adam thought it was cute. We also got hugs from Adam thanking us for coming out to support the cause :)

NOH8 fun

Peace & equality for all

On July 15th, Debby & I headed over to INDO Lounge in Palo Alto for yet another hangout with Meridith & Elaine. We devoured everything on the happy hour menu & then some. Thanks Yelp for an awesome yet slightly pricey suggestion! Good food with good company :)

Outdoor happy hour area

All our delicious food from INDO happy hour

On July 19th, I took Vinh to go eat at INDO Lounge since he missed out & was bummed that he didn't get the county job. We ordered the lobster pad thai along with the chicken satay & calamari happy hour appetizers. We ended the meal with a perfect creme brulee *drool*

INDO again

On July 20th, Debby, Vinh & I headed into the redwoods to attend Meridith's birthday party at her place. Vinh got to chill in the hammock in "fairy grove," hurricanes were being drunk, yummy food & good company was had :)

Vinh chillin' in the hammock

Happy birthday OT fairy!

On July 21st, I participated in the AIDS Walk SF.

On July 22nd, I ended up locking my keys in Vinh's car during my home health work, FML! I ended up calling Debby & she brought Vinh's keys over to me after work & saved me from my stupidity :P

Gloomy rainy day

On July 25th, our facility had a birthday party for all the residents born in July. Jenn E & I partook in the food portion with chocolate cupcakes & vanilla ice cream. A great way to end a very odd day of work, haha :P


On July 26th, I got to have lunch by my lonesome in Palo Alto. Luckily, I got to try out LYFE Kitchen & it is quickly becoming a favorite place when I'm in the area. So healthy & so fresh :D

Fritatta with country potatoes & chia water

Vinh also achieved 5 gold stars in my Pucca Restaurant game on the iPad, whoohoo! I know, so random ;)

Screenshot for proof!

I received my BSB "In A World Like This" preorder in the mail on July 28th & fangirl mode totally turned on! My name was on their fan poster that came with my preorder, yayy! My favorite song has got to be "One Phone Call" ♥

In A World Like This

I also bought my first car on the 28th as well!

I ended the last day of the month by doing my home health work, hanging my cake toppers on my rear view mirror & enjoying lunch at LYFE Kitchen.

Lazy work day

That was my July in a nutshell ;)


  1. HOLY BUSY MISS ANNIE! Sounds like you had an absolutely fantastic month, minus locking your keys in the car. hehe oops! I do it all the time! :)

    your MARG looks fantastic :) :)

  2. So many fun events in July!! Not too mention all the fantastic looking food!! yummmm! Except for locking your keys in the car it sounds like you had a pretty awesome July! I can't believe it's already August!