Sunday, August 4, 2013

My New MINI Cooper

Last Sunday, I did something that was a long time coming...I bought myself my first car! Vinh & I had been sharing his car since we got married, but with me having a second job, it was getting ridiculous trying to coordinate car privileges. Plus, I have been eyeing the MINI for a long time so it was only a matter of time!

My new MINI! :)

I had inquired about a kite blue MINI prior to arriving at the dealership on Sunday & set-up a test drive appointment with. We arrived & saw a billion people at the dealership. Turns out there was an event going on so I decided to partake since I got freebies & $500 off if I bought a car. We were told Ken would come get us in a bit. Needless to say, he was too busy with another customer. We waited an hour & decided that if no one helped us within 15 minutes, we'd leave. Enter Adam, our motor specialist/savior! He is seriously the best salesman as he answered all our questions honestly, wanted us to save money by getting the car with all the features we wanted & was efficient with all he did. He even took us to the area with all the MINIs & explained each of the car's features.

My little blueberry & event freebies

After selecting my MINI, we headed back, signed my life away & Adam got my baby all cleaned up & fed with 91 oil aka the good stuff, haha. After handing me the keys, he asked if I had a name for my MINI (since most MINI owners name their cars) & I said "Blueberry!" We had a running joke about naming MINI colors & a lot of them were closely named to foods/drinks, haha.

So now I present to you my MINI Blueberry aka MINI BB, ain't she cute?! :P


  1. Very cute car!! Congrats again!

  2. AWWWWWWWWWW! Congrats Annie :)
    I love the Mini :) Cute name too!

  3. yay!!! You've wanted the mini for so long! Congrats on your first car A!! It fits you so well!! The blue is totally cute! Fun roadtrips in the future! haha the blue car in Psych is named the blueberry! I like it! I bet Kiyora and Kiyore like that the color coordinates with them. Have they taken their first ride yet?

  4. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Your car is the cutest thing ever!! It's perfect for you. Congrats on your first car. :)