Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rainbowholic x Hodge Podge Giveaway

On July 27, I received a cute package all the way from Japan! What is it you may ask? Well I entered the Rainbowholic x Hodge Podge giveaway over at Rainbowholic (ran by Kaila) & I was Kaila's pick for the commenting portion & I won one of the prizes, yay!

My package & winnings :D

I got two postcards that are from JapanLoverMe & then my prize package. What did I ended up winning?

  • Pokéball bottlecap necklace on black chain
  • Mushroom bottlecap magnet
  • Domokun bottlecap cell phone accessory
  • Rilakkuma & Hello Kitty bottlecap keychains

I ended up giving my sisters the keychains since I was being nice. Thank you so much Kaila & Hodge Podge for this awesome giveaway & for allowing me to participate/win! :D


  1. You are always a lucky winner :) You have got quite the luck Annie! Congrats :)

  2. So cute!! That's awesome you won!!! She sent you some too cute prizes! Congrats!!