Saturday, September 14, 2013

First Backstreet Boys Concert!

If any of you know me, I am a HUGE Backstreet Boys fan & technically still am, just not as psycho obsessed! Anyhoo, I had the chance to go to their Millennium tour back in middle school & my parents decided I couldn't go. I threw a teeny bopper fit to say the least. Now just a little over a decade later, I am finally able to attend my first BSB concert! *squee*

We left 2 hours prior to the stated start time & got stuck in traffic waiting to get into the Sleep Train Pavilion. On the way in, we saw dark grey clouds, but found out that there was a fire a little distance away. Thank goodness the concert didn't get cancelled! We finally got into the venue & we got in line to buy merch. I was finally at a BSB concert & wasn't gonna leave without a tour tee dammit!

Chillin' before the concert

After getting a smoothie & taking a photo with the STAR 101.3 radio peeps, we headed inside to find DJ Pauly D (yes, that guy from Jersey Shore) doing his thing. I found it very entertaining that he kept fistpumping, haha. What I found even more interesting is that I finally gave in & fistpumped with him for the last few minutes of his gig, haha :P

DJ Pauly D doing his thing


After a very brief set change, it was Jesse McCartney that hit the stage next! His outfit reminded me of a darker version of Psy's in Gangnam Style, lol. Anyhoo, this boy has moves *giggle* Vinh & I were thoroughly entertained by him. Not to mention we got to preview two new songs from his upcoming CD as well. Why is he so charming & my age to boot? As his performance went on, the jacket & suspenders came off...not that any of the gals in the audience minded ;)

His set list included: Leavin', How Do You Sleep, So Cool (new), Body Language, Checkmate, Shake, Back Together (new), Over, You're Beautiful

Gangnam style? lol

Serenading time ;)

Bye Jesse!

We had to wait a little longer for the Backstreet Boys to come on stage, but the wait was totally worth the wait! I cannot even begin to describe the energy that filled the room when the boys finally appeared on stage. Let's just say teeny bopper Annie came out & I didn't give a hoot! Vinh described it as an estrogen pit, bahahahaa! They danced, had at least 3-4 outfit changes, sang acapella, danced some more, sand old songs & new ones, & did their boy band thing like no one else can. I don't know how else to describe it except that it probably fulfilled my Backstreet Boys fix for a long time! Dare I say best concert ever? I'm biased so HECK YEA!

Their set list included: The Call, Don't Want You Back, Incomplete, All I Have To Give, As Long As You Love Me, Show 'Em What You're Made Of, Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely, Breathe, I'll Never Break Your Heart, We've Got It Goin' On, Safest Place To Hide, Madeleine, Quit Playing Games, The One, Love Somebody, More Than That, In A World Like This, I Want It That Way, Everybody, Larger Than Life

Happy after Jesse's set

OMG BSB! *squees*

All five of them together again!

So visually stimulating

Raise up those phones Concord!

Such a pretty stage

I can't say enough about the visual effects

Thank you boys for an amazing night!

The boys pretended to close twice, pretending to end with "I Want It That Way" & then again with "Everybody." Of course, they ended with "Larger Than Life" which I thought was very appropriate given that the song was written for the fans cuz you all know we made them larger than life ;)

They took their final bow & AJ picked up a hot pink bra that was thrown on stage & put it on, bahahahaa :P

AJ wearing a hot pink bra, haha!

Would I ever go to another BSB concert? You bet your tushy I would! Anyone wanna come with since Vinh is so done with the estrogen pit that is a BSB concert (yes, he did enjoy himself)?


  1. That sounds like fun! I used to be a big fan & even though I'm 31 now I would totally still go! lol.

  2. OMG ill go to the next one with you! I went to the Millenium concert ! So amazing I went for my birthday. Awesome pictures and great videos!

    I need to see them again :D

  3. Wow, looks like you had a fantastic time!! And thanks for all the videos & photos, it was like I was there too xxx

  4. Jess Howliston10:19 AM

    Looks like you had a fab time!! Especially love the videos! xx

  5. Sounds and looks like you had a really great time. I used to be a huge fan of the backstreet boys as well but then I grew up and now I'm just boring. :)

  6. yyyahhh hahahaaaha
    *larger than life*

    YAY! Backstreets back! Our little middle school hearts can beat fast again! Plus an added bonus of Jesse McCartney!

    haha you fistpumped!

    Gangnam Jesse looked totally cute! *drool* Can't wait to hear his new cd!

    BSB ahhh! Would have loved to have *dancey-ed* with you!

    You got great vids!!! That concert looked so much fun!! BSB4LIFE <3

  7. That is so awesome!!

  8. Thanks for the pictures. This looks like it would have been fun. Can't believe they are still around after all these years!