Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Major League Baseball Game!

I know it's hard to believe, but I only lived about an hour away from AT&T Park yet I have never attended a major league baseball game until just a week ago on August 25th. Well, I finally checked that off my bucket list as well & I am so happy that I did!

Obviously, I'm from the Bay Area so of course I'm gonna root for my boys the SF Giants (World Series Champs 2010 & 2012, baby!). I got some insider hints from my coworker about saving money for my first game. Vinh & I attended the Giants vs. Pirates game with his cousin & uncle. We arrived in SF about 1.5 hours early & found a small lot that only asked for $15 for parking instead of the $30+ closer to the stadium. We walked on over & actually got into the stadium earlier than anticipated. There was a promo going on that day where if you were the first 30,000 fans into the park, you got a Tim Lincecum gnome :P

View, beer & World Series trophies!

I was stoked to get the gnome (even though it's kinda creepy-lookin') since Lincecum is one of my favorite players. Too bad he wasn't the pitcher for the game, boo! Anyhoo, we had a pretty good view of the playing field despite being up so high. We found out we were lucky since we sat in the shade the whole time while the other side of the park fried. We brought our lunches in with us & ate it while photowhoring like newbies at our seats. Since we still had about an hour to kill, we headed to the "fan lot." I quickly found out that you could take photos with the two World Series trophies there & quickly got in line. They were some awesome lookin' trophies (see above photo). Afterwards, we headed to the food kiosks to get a beer before trekking back to our seats to watch the game.

Our view of the playing field

I got to sit next to two guys that were super baseball fans so it was fun listening to them analyzing the game & whatnot. They also would talk to me once & a while which was cool. Very friendly atmosphere in AT&T Park, love it! The game started off pretty slow with only one run in by the Giants in the 3rd inning. By the 7th inning, I was hollering & jumping out of my seat with the three runs in by the Giants & sealing their win for the day! Sandoval was just a little shy of hitting a homer, but brought 2 people in followed by Posey getting Sandoval in. I was more than pleased that the Giants won 4-0 against the Pirates & for my first MLB game! No disappointment whatsoever!

Bases loaded, Giants win & Lincecum gnome

Would I ever go to another MLB game? You bet your tushy I would! I'm already itching to go to my next one. Just a matter of when *sigh* I have gone from a so-so baseball fan to a nut in less than a year. Crazy, but I like it! Was your first MLB game experience memorable? If you haven't gone to one, I highly suggest it! ;)


  1. Anonymous10:25 PM

    That sounds like fun! I've never been to one. I used to live in California but now im in Washington. Anyways great post!

  2. I've never been to a baseball game, probably because I'm not a huge baseball fan. I'm from NY and lived not too far from the Yankees Stadium and still never saw them play. Maybe one day.

  3. looks like great fun had by all!!

  4. Its always nice to go to a baseball game!

  5. Glad you experienced and enjoyed it!