Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Summer Turns To Fall...

Summer just flew by this year & I have that "summertime sadness" mentioned in Lana del Rey's song *sniff* Anyhoo, blogging has gotten away from me so here's a two month recap that are mostly photos :P


Vinh, Conic, Hoang & I went to Great America for their aunt's company picnic. We mostly walked around the park & played those stupid rigged games. I got totally sunburnt because I forgot to put on sunscreen, le sigh... However, Conic & Hoang did bring home plenty of prizes ;)

Great America's newest ride

Spraying Vinh & Conic for only a quarter!

Big ol' prizes

I deem this the Giants panda pillow ;)

While having bubbies at Jimbo's, we ended up getting free tickets to the SJ Giants (minor league) game that Friday. It was Vinh & I's first ever baseball game & I can tell you we had an absolute blast! It was luau night at the park so we got lei'd & enjoyed all the activities inbetween each inning. Great fun for all! This led us to buying tickets for the SF Giants game ;)

SJ Giants fun

Prior to heading to Disneyland, I hung out with Debby & Jen since it was Jen's last day at LHSJ & I haven't seen Debby in like 2 weeks since she left. We had dinner at Aqui's & talked for hours, haha :P

Girl's night out

Vinh's birthday was on the 28th & he decided he wanted Shabuway to celebrate so I obliged :)

Nom nom shabu

We have had lots of rough weeks at work, especially Vinh so giant happy hour margaritas were in order!

Peach & mango margaritas

Also, since we couldn't make it to our wedding site on our anniversary, we made it up a few days later! Hakone Gardens is as beautiful as ever *sigh* Had to use our free membership one last time before it expired.


My favorite nurse Shwe got me a bag of bear poop (chocolate covered praline peanuts) from her Tahoe trip. Can you say delicious & fattening? :P

Bear poop

After about two months of not hanging out, Debby & I finally got to see Meridith & Elaine. David & Zoe (Elaine's hubby & baby girl) also joined us for happy hour dinner at Yardhouse, yum! Little Zoe ain't so little anymore!

Always fun when there's food around!

Since census is still low at my current facility, I started covering for LHCV on Tuesdays & Thursdays. One day, the rehab team plus Vinh & I decided to hang after work. That included watching Elysium at the movie theaters & then happy hour at On The Border. Fun times for sure!

So pretty!

Vinh, Lonnie & I attended two art & wine festivals this month as well which resulted in getting a $5 henna (which is a steal), a new plant/mobile & discovering new dessert wines that I like ;)

Gorgeously detailed henna

Our new plant mobile

I donated money to a sexy fireman & got a hat ;)

I got something on my Yelp to do list crossed off thanks to my sister for being so willing to be buzzed before going to class, lol! I finally got to do the tasting at Rabbit's Foot Meadery, yum! It included 2 meads, 3 ciders, 3 ales & 1 port for $5.50!

Tasting & brought home a bottle of port

My grandfather's service was on September 20th & he treated us to one last meal. Though sad to think that my grandpa is no longer with us, we had a lot of fun reminiscing about him during his last treat to us! We love you grandpa

One last amazing meal, thanks grandpa!

Since my grandpa always let me have sips of beer as a kiddo, I thought it would be fun to bring Vinh to Rabbit's Foot Meadery to kind of honor grandpa in a weird way. I ended up getting a hangover after this trip since I had a tasting flight & a pint of what they called "death by raspberry," which by the way is delicious!

Death by raspberry

LHCV celebrated Susan's (our COTA) last day as our traveler with lunch at Favorite Indian Buffet. She will be joining us as a per diem though!

Mango ice cream on Susan's last day

The following day, Vinh & I hung out with Debby & Jen for dinner at the Counter & then dessert at Kara's Cupcakes. Lots of catching up within just a month's time! I miss my old coworkers :(

Burger with figs & cupcakes

I love random Saturdays where Vinh & I do whatever. We had endless pasta at Olive Garden & had fun shopping in the Therapy store :)

Random fun

On the last day of September, we wanted to attend a free concert in Golden Gate Park, but it was too darn crowded so we opted for the Walt Disney Museum instead. Off The Grid ended up being held on the lawn right across from the museum so we had fresh fish tacos & a strawberry nutella creme brulee *drool*

Off The Grid food

Though the museum was only two floors, it took us a whopping three hours to finish it all! It was quite fascinating just learning about Walt Disney's life & how Disney came about. If anything, he's failed countless times, but finally succeeded in the end :)

Disney goodness

Steamboat Willie cells

Pinocchio sketches

View of the Golden Gate Bridge from the museum

Model of Disneyland at the end of the 1960s

1960 Olympic torch designed by Disney employee

It's a small world paintings

We headed to the basement of the museum & checked out the gallery of different Alice in Wonderland pieces. Some were huge murals, which were awesome :)

Alice in Wonderland exhibit

Afterwards, we headed to the building in the back of the museum to check out the Tyson Wong exhibit. He was one that was instrumental in the making of Bambi & he seemed like an awesome person giving minorities a chance in working in the animation business.

Tyson Wong exhibit

Tyson Wong's kites

We left the guestbook a little doodle as a thanks for the wonderful Tyson Wong exhibit!

Our guestbook entry :)

That is the last two months of my life & that is what happened when summer turned to fall :)


  1. Annie, I went to Great America about 30 years ago. I wonder if it is the same today as it was then. I loved this area where there was a sidewalk covered in bouganvilla. I want my sidewalk like that someday.

  2. I swear you always eat the BEST looking food, lol! ;)

  3. You got to experience so many new things this summer and olfavorites! Hakone looked as beautiful as ever! It's still completely hard to believe it's been over a year since you got married there!

    The Disney museum has so many cool things!!! Those Alice murals are huge! haha

    The food/drink posts look so good. Not fair teasing me haha!

    My sympathies for you and your fam. Your Grandpa sounded like a pretty amazing person. It was really sweet to toast him! the death by raspberry looks really good!

    Love your photo edits!
    Miss you anniebanannie! :P

  4. ps in 2020 I'm going to ask if your pen still works.