Friday, November 8, 2013

October's Over

I cannot believe that October is already over *sigh* No more dressing up for Halloween! However, October was a very exciting month with lots of events!

I had to fork over my down payment on my home plus more on the first of the month. I'm sure my bank account cried & so did I... But we did get the keys to our very first home on the 4th!

Bank check for the down payment...

On the 6th, I attended my first North Bay Yelp Elite event.

On the 13th, I had the (mis)fortune of attending two kiddie birthday parties: one for my bosses 3-year old daughter & one for my cousin's 2-year old boy. Both had bouncey houses (which we tested for safety), yummy food & all around a good time with friends & family.

Adya's 3rd birthday party

Caleb's 2nd birthday party

Once we got home & was relaxing in the living room, we heard something like a gun shot. Upon further investigation, we found that the can of Coke my dear husband left in the freezer exploded...all over the freezer! Lesson learned: never place a can of soda in the freezer ;)

Our lovely gooey mess

My favorite singer released his newest CD "Make A Move" as well & I highly recommend that you check out Gavin DeGraw's work if you have not done so already! Always worth your time & money!

With my new Gavin CD!

On the 17th, Vinh & I took a Yelp field trip to Sharona's Chocolate Shop. On the 20th, I got to participate in a wonderful walk called Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes.

Now onto Halloween festivities! My favorite bakery was selling cute sugar cookies & I just had to buy the one below. Tell me that isn't the cutest Halloween cookie ever!

Satura Halloween cookie

The weekend prior to Halloween consisted on getting my Halloween-inspired mani, carving my very first pumpkin & hanging out with my friends over pumpkin cheesecake, cider & just good food. I know y'all are probably surprised that I have never carved a pumpkin before, haha. Not bad for a newbie though, right? It's the tokidoki brand logo :)

Halloween fun

Halloween was a fun day at work being dressed up as an evil queen. I was bummed that more people didn't dress up at work though, oh well. Afterwards, Vinh & I headed to my parents' home to hang out & grab our traditional boo-rito from Chipotle. I dressed up as Robin during the night since it wasn't too appropriate for work ;)

All dressed up at work: evil by day

Do good-er Robin at night

How was your October? Was it busy or was it more relaxed? Hopefully, y'all were enjoying the fall weather!

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  1. Ah, yes buying a house does make you feel poor, but congrats!! I know it's hard to get a house in the Bay Area. I hope to see more pics of your new place. :)