Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Reflection

2013 really just flew by in a flash for me, how about you guys?! I am keeping up with my tradition of listing all the good that happened (no bad since we like to reflect on the good stuff) & any resolutions I may have. Ready? Let's go!

~Got into the Yelp Elite Squad & all the awesome Yelp events
~Donated my hair to Locks of Love
~Co-hosted 2 blog swaps with Cindy :)
~Half year wedding anniversary with couples massage & hot tub
~Runs/Walks: The Color Run x2, AIDS Walk SF, Step Out Diabetes Walk
~Concerts: Maroon 5, Backstreet Boys, Selena Gomez, Triple Ho Show
~AOTA National OT Conference in San Diego (met Aron Ralston!)
~First time getting a mani/pedi :P
~Started working home health per diem
~Re-visited Trinity County after 2 years!
~NOH8 photoshoot with the hubs
~Bought my first car: MINI Cooper
~First minor/major league baseball games
~One year wedding anniversary @ Disneyland!
~Bought our first home together :D
~Carved my first jack o'lantern
~Turned in my first resignation letter

~Run/jog/exercise more
~Continue to learn to become a more competent OT
~Travel more
~Have fun!


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  3. You accomplished so many awesome things this past year! So proud of you!! yay!! Here's to a even better new year!!! Happy New Year A!