Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Girl Between The Lines #03

Happy new year everyone! What better way to start the new year, right? Click the button below to see the other wonder gals that linked up :P

Share one of your favorite photos & the story behind it!

This is by far my favorite photo from our engagement session back in February 2012. Why is that you ask? We're quite a goofy pair & it's quite rare that you'll see a photo of us not smiling brightly &/or cheesin' it because we are laughing at something. This photo portrays us as a newly engaged couple that love one another, at least in that snapshot in time. We look so relaxed here, which is also rare given our stressful job duties (dietitian & occupational therapist). This is also the calm before the storm ironically. Shortly after this shot was taken, a massive wave soaked us up to our knees & basically damaged all of our photographer's equipment (yes, the cameras, too). Luckily, all the memory cards full of our engagement photos were saved & I am so happy that this one made it out alive :)


  1. Aww!! What a lovely, lovely photo! With my husband and I, too, it's very rare to have a photo of us without big smiles, I think that photo of you two is just beautiful!

  2. Visiting from the linkup. What a sweet photo! I can't believe the photography equipment got destroyed. That sounds like such a nightmare - lucky you had some pictures even so. :-)

  3. What a beautiful photo AND crazy story!! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Such a sweet picture! Crazy that you guys got hit by a wave, haha! Glad there were some salvageable pictures!