Tuesday, February 18, 2014

YEE: Sweetheart Social at Sweetwater

On Sunday, February 16th, I had the pleasure of taking not just a +1 or a +2, but a +3 to my first North Bay event of the year! Vinh & I along with Sonya & her boyfriend Evan headed up to Mill Valley for the Elite event: Sweetheart Social at Sweetwater!

The trip up was a bit hell-ish due to Bay Area traffic, but the event more than made up for that! We arrived a few minutes early & went to scrounge around for quarters for our parking meter (7 days parking meter, boo!). We checked in with 5 minutes to spare & then Kevin B (North Bay community manager) welcomed/thanked us for coming before we were let loose inside the hall :)

Welcome sign at Sweetwater Music Hall!

The inside of Sweetwater was big, yet intimate due to the lighting & overall aesthetics. We grabbed our little table (which would soon be taken over by a fortune teller) & then headed to the bar to order our first round of cocktails! I got the "is this love" cocktail & it was strong, haha! However, I think they were all strong.


Cocktail menu for our social

Love Me Tender, Is It Love, Endless Love

Look at the well-stocked bar!

While sipping on our cocktails, the Easy Leaves came on stage to play some tunes. They were definitely more of the blue grass kind of music, but for our atmosphere, it was perfect. They were quite the talented duo, I must admit! All the while, many servers walked around serving up some love bites: sliders, shooters, fried cheese balls, spring rolls, avocado toasts, garbanzo bean bruschetta & fried olives stuffed with pork sausage! I admit I loved the bruschetta & avocado toast, yummy!

Easy Leaves

Easy Leaves merch

Hey Mambo wines was also on the scene to add to your drinks for the night. I tried the rosé & it wasn't too bad. Next door to Hey Mambo was Krave jerky & boy did we have fun sampling all their different flavors.

Hey Mambo wines (I stole the necklace later, haha)

Vinh got his fortune told by Grand Master Wanugee. I loved how the cards were basically Mahjong pieces, haha! Let's hope Vinh's fortune comes true *crosses fingers*

Vinh's cards

After getting his fortune told, our group went ahead & played in the Snap Fiesta photobooth! Never a dull moment when a photobooth is around! :)

Sonya & I decked out in pink :)

We headed back to the bar to get our second cocktail of the evening. I tried the "endless love" one & I think I liked the first cocktail I had better. We hung out near the bar while finishing our cocktails & getting hydrated before hitting the photobooth one more time for a couples edition. How can you not, right? It was called a sweetheart social :P

Vinh & I :)

We grabbed our goodie bags filled with candy & Krave jerky as well as hitting up the candy bar for more before heading out!

Bye Sweetwater!

Goodie bag contents!

Our group photobooth courtesy of Snap Fiesta!

Our couples photobooth courtesy of Snap Fiesta!

Thank you Kevin B, Sweetwater Music Hall, Easy Leaves, the North Bay crew & all the other vendors for an awesome evening of Sunday fun :)

 Want to know more about Yelp Elite & Yelp community events? Just ask & I'll gladly answer, just be sure to leave your contact info!


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