Friday, March 21, 2014

John & Cindy's Wedding Day

A few months back, Vinh & I received an invite for John & Cindy's wedding day on March 8th. For those of you who don't know, John was our wedding photographer from SimplyTwo Photography. Yes, we got an invite to our wedding photographer's wedding. Yup, we are that special since we created a special bond with him that he'd invite us down to SoCal for his wedding :)

We awoke & went to Little Saigon to have an early lunch before heading to the wedding in Newport Beach.

Chrysanthemum tea, yum!

We also had to go to our favorite exotic fruit shop to grab some longan, jackfruit & soursop. Then we headed back to our hotel to get all fancy for the wedding ceremony.

Yummy exotic fruit!

We arrived at Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church about 20 minutes to spare. We signed the initial letters as well as the guestbook. The vows were friggin' hilarious! After the ceremony, the traditional formal photos were afoot. We got placed in John's work & scotch buddies group, haha!

Cindy: One our first date, you said that you wanted to marry me. To say that you came on too strong was an understatement...

John: I have come to three conclusions. One, I like you. Two, you like my cat. Three, I like that you like my cat... (more of the vow) conclusion, dat booty!

J for John!

Gorgeous aisle

Gorgeous altar

Waiting for the ceremony

You may now kiss the bride!

Mr. & Mrs. Yao!

We headed back to our hotel room after the ceremony so Vinh could change pants since the ones he wore were a little tight, haha. He also forgot his belt & somehow lost his glasses so we went shopping for those items before arrived at the Doubletree in Santa Ana. We partook in the cocktails, appetizers & photobooth fun before the reception area opened up for seating.

Cocktail hour!

With my fruity drink

Vinh wanted more appetizers, haha

Pretty arrangement

We were placed at table #17. John told me beforehand that we were sitting at a table with other past couples he shot for. However, that didn't happen as we sat with mostly their church friends. Most people at the table thought it was really strange that he'd invite a former couple he shot to his wedding, mehhh... We did make a new friend named Jonathan & he hit it off really well with Vinh since they're both gamers.

Table #17

My favorite photo, haha!

Wedding cake

Cindy & John!

Sour watermelon wedding favor, yum!

My huge steak dinner :O

After dinner was done, John somehow magically appeared at our table & yelled "ANNIE & VINH!!!" scaring both of us to death! Apparently he was very happy to see us, haha. We had to leave before getting cake, but we stopped by to say congrats before leaving. He then gave us the biggest, tightest hug ever *points to his hands in photo below* Very happy man :)

The very happy groom giving us a very tight hug :P

Congrats John & Cindy & to many happily married years full of happiness, love & sandwiches :P


  1. How cool that you got an invite to your photographer's wedding. It looks like a good time. The cake is awesome and the decorations are amazing.!

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  11. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Looks like y'all had a great time! LOVE those centerpieces!!!

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