Monday, April 28, 2014

Gavin DeGraw Concert at Uptown Theatre

I have been waiting for months for April 26th to roll around. Why you ask? So I can see Gavin DeGraw in concert again! Vinh & I drove all the way up to wine country to see him this time around.

Side story: I got attacked (literally it's claws touched my head) by a bird twice while visiting my favorite winery. Apparently, the birds are nesting & I was in their territory. Too bad there wasn't a sign warning people, geez... Lucky me :P

Anyhoo, after an afternoon of visiting some wineries, we arrived into Napa for the show. The doors of Uptown Theatre opened at 7PM so we went to have dinner first before getting in line to enter.

Gavin is sold out at the Uptown Theatre

Sold out!

Groupie much? :P

Once we got inside, I made my way to the Gavin merch booth to grab me a really cute red tour shirt. The typography was too cute to resist. Next, we made our way into the theatre & a worker helped guide us to our seats. We were actually surprised that we were closer than the online map made it seem! We definitely weren't complaining ;)

Stage full of equipment

Rozzi Crane opened up the show for the first 15 minutes or so. She had a great voice & she revealed that she has been picked up by Adam Levine's label, yay! This girl will go far & she's a fellow Bay Area girl :)

Rozzi performing

Waiting for equipment change

I ended up going to buy Rozzi's demo CD & meet her as well in the theatre lobby. She is quite the poised young lady! :)

Rozzi & I :)

Parachute was up next & I didn't really know who they were either. I did like how entertaining they were & their songs weren't bad either. I missed the first few since I went to meet Rozzi in the lobby, but fun group nonetheless.

Parachute performing

Gavin comin' up!

Gavin DeGraw obviously stole the show since it was his Make A Move tour, pshh! He definitely came out with a lot of energy & got the whole room standing/partying with him :)

Gavin starting things off!

Gavin serenading us ;)

I woo'd in the next video which you can clearly hear, haha. I have literally waited so long to hear my favorite song "We Belong Together" & my wish finally came true! Granted, he cut down the song significantly, but heck, I'm happy as can be to have it all on video as well. You get kudo points if you know which movie this song was written for ;)

Gavin walked off stage after the above song with it being the last song. Obviously, we fans did not have enough & kept making noise until he returned with two more songs for the night! :D


  • Make A Move
  • Heartbreak
  • Chariot
  • Run Every Time
  • Who's Gonna Save Us
  • Follow Through
  • We Belong Together
  • Best I Ever Had
  • Cover - Unknown
  • Where You Are
  • Soldier
  • Cover - Rumor Has It
  • Every Little Bit
  • Finest Hour
  • Don't Wanna Be
  • Leading Man
  • Not Over You

After the show was over, Gavin stayed on stage to greet his many fans. I couldn't pass up the chance to meet my favorite singer again so I got pushed to the front. As you can see, I clearly reached out my hand. He went past me after that girl to the girl on my right & I was about to go into sad panda mode. Maybe he sensed it & turned around to grab my hand (& continued to do so for over a minute) *squeals* I asked if we could take a photo & we both smiled brightly at Vinh who snapped away (hoping for a good shot)! Vinh couldn't believe Gavin somehow came back to grab my hand, haha! This marks the third time I've met Gavin now *swoon* ♥

Take my hand?


Meet & greet #3! Oh that smile :)

I couldn't have imagined a more perfect way to spend my Saturday: wine, hubby & Gavin ♥

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  1. I looooove Gavin DeGraw. Our town actually won some contest and he did a free concert for the town and I was lucky enough to be in the third row and he was AMAAAZING!! I cannot ait until I have the opportunity to see him again.

  2. The same day you went to this concert, I took my Daughter to see Bret Michaels. WoW was the music LOUD!!

  3. I don't really know many of his songs, but I LOVE going to see artists perform live!!

  4. I love him!! How awesome you got to see and hear him on person. Pics are great, glad you enjoyed

  5. Oh what an amazing experience! I love Gavin DeGraw's music! So cool to get to go to one of his live concerts!

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  11. You have me sold. Never heard of him before, but I love his music from what I have heard here. I can see why you were so excited.

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  15. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Oh, I LOVE Gavin DeGraw! So jealous that you got to get that pic with him!!!

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  18. Anonymous9:16 PM

    What a great concert, worth the wait! I have actually never been to a concert so it was nice to see part of one in your videos.

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