Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sharks Round 1 Game 2 Playoffs

As if it wasn't already evident, I am addicted to my San Jose Sharks hockey games. Vinh & I had the pleasure of enjoying our Easter Sunday evening with our lovely team during their second playoff game! It was our very first playoff game & I think it has to be my favorite game that I've attended thus far :)

We got to the game early since I knew our favorite mascot would be dolled up as a bunny, hehe. Isn't Easter Sharkie adorbs?! The hardest working fish in the NHL also reposted my photo on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook! Does that make me famous? :P

Easter Sharkie :)

We also walked around to check out the Sochi Olympic Team USA signed jersey that was up for auction. Pretty cool since my favorite guy as on team USA!

Team USA jersey

Pavelski team USA jersey

We got playoff rally towels for the game & I have to say I love it! #BeatLA

Reppin' my Sharks

The rink was changed especially for the Stanley Cup playoff games, too!

New rink

Ready for playoffs!

Sharks players wear their black jerseys during their playoff home games. I must say I do like them. First time Vinh & I actually caught warmups before a game!

Sharks are warming up :)

Playoff games are so fancy with their lights & stuff ;)

Fancy lighting

Crowd goes wild for the Sharks!

Shark Tank, baby!

Let's face it, even the Easter Bunny was on our side reppin' the teal & black, haha!

Easter Bunny is a Sharks fan

To make this game even better, my section #223 all won free cheeseburgers from Jack in the Box! :D

Free cheeseburgers!

I wore my new Pavelski jersey out to this game & my man goes & scores his first playoff goal that night, what what :D

Pavelski goal!

We ended up whooping the LA Kinds 7-2 in game #2! Definitely the best way to end a Sharks game in the Shark Tank!

Sharks win!

Sharkie with his Beat LA flag

If you haven't been to a playoff game, I highly suggest you do. The energy is so different from a regular hockey game. It's so intense & the rivalries are crazy. I could not even begin to tell you how loud the Shark Tank was, over 100 decibels if I remember correctly. It was just insane(ly fun)!


  1. It looks like you guys had another great time at the game!!!

  2. Hockey fans are like no other fans! They will root like crazy for their team. Glad to see you all had a great time!

  3. My Daughter and her Boyfriend go to almost every hockey game our local team plays. If it is a home game that is.

  4. Looks like you had an awesome time! I love the picture with Easter Sharkie.

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! I would love to go to a hockey game.

  6. Would love to go to the one of playoff hockey game one day, not sure about the prices, but here in Toronto, regular hockey game tickets are pretty expensive.

    Fan R @TeddyOutReady

  7. You guys do so much fun stuff! I've never been to a playoff game.

  8. I've always wanted to go to a Hockey game like this! And that jersey with the Olympic teams signature is just awesome!

  9. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Hockey games are always a fun time! We are huge fans of the Tampa Bay Lightning here :)

  10. I attended my first hockey game years ago and I was surprised at how exuberant the fans were.

  11. Anonymous9:01 PM

    I love going to hockey games - it is one of the few sports I enjoy. Of course the food is another reason I go. Looks like you two had a great time.

  12. I have three sons who really enjoy sports, including a husband too! I bet they would have all enjoyed it just as much as you. By the way, I love the pick of you guys and the mascot!

  13. That looks like a ton of fun! We've been to pro Basketball and Baseball as well as minor league hockey but never pro hockey. It's totally a bucket-list item! Chicago Blackhawks, of course.

  14. Play off games always have a great vibe. I think that is ESPECIALLY true at a hockey game. :)

  15. I have never been to one of these, but you are making me want to go so bad! Looks like an exciting date to try out.

  16. You guys always look like you are having a great time. That's awesome the Olympic shirt

  17. I would love to see a hockey game in person. Looks like you had a great time! Love the shark mascot!

  18. Love seeing the Canadian flag hanging there :) I really enjoy going to live games. So much fun

  19. Looks like you had a great time! I enjoyed reading the posts and looking at the pictures.

  20. I can see that you are a die hard fan. I don't really get into sports too much....although my bf is trying to make a baseball fan out of me

  21. I have yet to go to a hockey game, but I'd love to one day. Go Hawks!!! (Sorry!)

  22. I have always wanted to see a live hockey game! This looks really cool!

  23. Anonymous8:24 AM

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  24. I have never been to a hockey game but think I would get a kick out of it. That shark is adorable!