Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hanauma Bay & A Wedding

Our fourth day on the island was a fairly low key one as we had my friend's wedding to attend later that evening. We did get to finally have some fun in the water at the gorgeous Hanauma Bay :)

After playing in Hanauma Bay :P

We literally lived near Hanauma Bay that it took less than 5 minutes to drive there. We arrived when they opened their gates at 6AM. Yup, you read that right. Tip: If you arrive at Hanauma Bay when it opens, you don't have to pay for parking or admission & you don't have to watch the mandatory 20 minute video. Keep that in mind! Anyways while waiting to get allowed in, we saw a bunch of stray kittens/cats roaming around freely.

Wild kittens

*click for larger view*

We arrived to an almost deserted oasis. It was absolutely gorgeous no matter what time of day! The water was already quite blue before the sun rose over the hills. Vinh ended up renting some snorkeling equipment while I stayed mostly along the shore being his "buddy" until the lifeguards show up. He definitely enjoyed himself snorkeling around the reef looking at all the different schools of fish & marine life.

Gorgeous view

*click for larger view*

Birdie prints :P

Sun is coming up :)

Such blue waters

Walking back to the car, but first, lemme take a selfie

See the reef portions?!

After having fun at Hanauma Bay, we decided to go eat at Ruffage Natural Foods, a poke bowl place recommended to us by a local. I got their spicy ahi tuna poke bowl with avocado. So yummy!


Spicy ahi tuna poke bowl with avocado

We headed back after lunch to change before heading to Kaneohe for Helean & Chris' wedding at Ko'olau Ballrooms.

Follow the wedding signs

Gorgeous scenery

Ceremony site


Here comes the bride!

Their vows were hilarious. Helean promised to play more video games while Chris promised to spend less money...among other more serious vows, haha! Too cute :)

Mr & Mrs Wakukawa

The reception was filled with plenty of food & yummy drinks. I loved their Disney-themed reception. I ended up sitting with three high school friends at the Pirates of the Caribbean table. There was no rum though ;)

Too cute

Turtle ice sculpture!

Serena & I with our turtle friend


Sushi on cucumber

Yummy fruity alcoholic beverage

Table decorations with wedding favor

Wedding cake

My yummy macadamia nut drink!

Helean & Chris even had a flipbook photobooth that we partook in. You can check out the flipbook montage here. Congrats Helean & Chris! It was about time, haha! Helean was actually the one that caught my bouquet & ended up getting engaged a year later. The bouquet works ;)

With the newlyweds!

Have you ever been to Hanauma Bay? Would you go now that you've seen how gorgeous it is? :)


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