Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sharks Fanfest & Preseason Game

We had the pleasure of partaking in the San Jose Sharks Fanfest on September 27th. It was followed by an awesome preseason game against the Anaheim Ducks :D

Photo with the famous Shark Head!

We arrived at Fanfest early so that we could watch our players during practice. I got to sit front row in front of the glass, so awesome! We just happened to be on the side of both our favorite players: Pavelski & Burns!

Walking up the steps

Welcome to Fanfest!

Our guys stretching out on the ice

I am liking the view of these seats :P

My man Pavelski! :D

Blurry as heck, but it was cute :P

Ninja Hertl!

After practice was over, you had the option of waiting in long lines for mostly everything: Shark Head photos, round tables, autographs from players. We decided to skip the autograph line this year since they were insanely long for both lines & you didn't know who you were gonna get. We opted to get a photo under the Shark Head instead. How often can you say you've been under it? :P

As close as I'll get to the real deal lol

In line for the Shark Head

Shark Head from behind

Shark teeth :P

Chomp chomp!

There were random activities out on the concourse as well such as Comcast Sportsnet's photo op, Sharks sign as well as a photobooth.

Authentic fans right hurr!

Signing the Sharks sign

What I wrote, haha

Do you see my message? :P

Vinh found his favorite man!

Our photobooth photo is awesome :D

There were also fun activities outside the center for all: facepainting, rock climbing, mechanical shark riding, stupid carnival games...

Outside area

Mechanical shark ride

We headed home to rest a bit before heading out to the preseason game against the Sharks. We dressed up our Darla in Sharks attire for the event as well, hehe. We ended up winning 3-1 against the Sharks that night, woot! :D

Why'd you dress me up, ma?

New ice

Here come my Sharks!

Last play

We win!

Does your hockey team have a fanfest of some sort? Would you go? :)


  1. That's too funny that they come out of a big shark mouth like that!! So neat.

  2. That's awesome! We love watching hockey and cheering on the Devils!

  3. Anonymous11:13 AM

    My youngest would love that stadium. I am so happy that hockey season has finally arrived.

  4. What a cool invent to get invited to! I would love to see all of that. I have just recently become a hockey fan and haven't made it to a game yet but am going to try to get to one here in our town this year. Congratulations!

  5. Hoe fun. i didn't know it was hockey season.

  6. What a fun time! I think you made the right call in skipping the autograph line. I haven't been to a game in soooo long!

  7. Fanfest events for teams are ALWAYS my favorite. So many things to do!

  8. I love the photo with the shark head. It looks like you guys had a great time!

  9. Looks like you had so much fun! I absolutely love that shark mouth!

  10. So much fun! I love hockey and going to games but it has been some time since I have been!

  11. You and the hubby are so lucky! I live in Canada and have NEVER been to a hockey match! lol

  12. Looks like fun. I bet you all had such a wonderful experience. Go sharks.

  13. I am not of a hockey fan but I sure can appreciate a fan fest.

  14. They skate out of a pretend Shark's head? Hahahaha. That's awesome! This looks like so much fun. I know a lot of people who are Sharks fans for sure. Great way to get fans in the spirit for the season.

  15. What an amazing day out it sounds like! That huge sharks mouth is amazing and a little bit scary! x

  16. This is SOOOO cool! I recently had my own amazing time attending my first Habs game ever. I love your pics too! You must have been over the moon!

  17. What a great time. I think that Shark might have had a cavity or two, LOL. I don't live close to my favorite teams so I am never able to attend things like this. I try to at least make it back for a game every year.

  18. Looks like you had a great time. I love going to hockey games.

  19. What a fun time to be had by all. I attended my first hockey game a few years ago but it wasn't as much fun as you guys had.

  20. What fans you are. I love the decor of the sharks.

  21. Great photos and seems like you had a great time! I've never been to a hockey game and couldn't tell you what was happening if my life depended on it.

  22. What an awesome event they put on for the fans. Back home in Pittsburgh the Penguins always had great fan events. We miss going to hockey games! Enjoy!

  23. What a fun time! Love your dog's shirt, too. Super cute!!

  24. oh wow they really had a big preseason event! How cool to have the opportunity for all the photos ops! It looked like fun!!