Thursday, November 13, 2014

First Annual 49ers Rush

This past Saturday, November 8th, I got to participate in the first annual 49ers Rush 4.9K at the new Levi's Stadium! We had an idea about the course, but we were surprised by it since it was held on just the stadium's property :)

We run Levi's Stadium!

I did packet pickup the day before after work. I was a little annoyed that I had to pick up the bib & shirt in different parts of the stadium, oh well. I loved our personalized bibs with our last name though! We arrived to the stadium with about 30 minutes before the 4.9K began. We took the liberty of walking around the stadium a bit & took photos at the photobooth before heading to the starting line :)

Bib for the morning

Red & gold nails: check!

Welcome runners!

Obligatory photo, no?

I have pretty good aim for this selfie :P

*click for larger view*

The 4.9K had waves that went every 5 minutes so it wasn't a long wait before we were off. The course took us through the parking lot, then looped to the back to the practice facilities, through the team's parking lot, then back up the stairs to run through the stadium before heading out & finishing on the football field itself! I thought the race was neat in that it took you through the whole stadium. However, I didn't like being herded like cattle through the whole thing. You had stadium staff telling you not to stop & take photos & to "move it along" constantly. Dude, if I see my quarterback's dope Jaguar car in the lot, I want a photo with it!

Starting line

Part of the practice field

Finish line!

Even at the finish line on the field, the staff was trying to hurry us off the field. We were only allowed to be on the sidelines & not the actual playing field. We runners want proper finish line photos here!

With our medals

Kaepernicking at the field goal post

After being herded off the field, we followed the signs for the tailgate party for the run. That just consisted of getting a semi-stale bagel & watered down gatorade. It was actually a pathetic tailgate to be honest.

Tailgate signage


We walked around the store to see if we wanted to use our 10% off. Nothing we wanted since it was too expensive mostly. We left shortly after since there was nothing to do.

Used Kaepernick helmet

49er Vinh

Bye Levi's Stadium

Overall, I liked the course & everything. However, I was mostly turned off by the staff being so unfriendly & not allowing us to have photo opportunities along the course. I felt like I paid to be rushed into finishing & not have as much fun. I doubt I'll do this again unless they change their attitudes for next year. At least it was a productive start to my Saturday! I also think it helped the 49ers beat the Saints the next day in overtime ;)


  1. Well, it was some great exercise, so there's that. I'm not sure a bagel is much of a reward though. lol

  2. What fun! You guys always do the coolest stuff.

  3. How fun! You are so full of spirit I love it! Those nails look great too!

  4. That's a good lesson on how the staff for events can really set the tone! Hey, if nothing else, your nails look awesome!!!

  5. Love all those beautiful photos, you guys look so happy ^_^

  6. This would be such a cool race. I hate that they were so unkind about photo opps. I take SO many photos when I run. That would definitely be discouraging.

  7. Looks like a great race. And there was an awesome spread afterward. I always love personalized bibs!

  8. I am so totally jealous right now!!! I am a 49ers fan living on the other side of the mountain!!!! never been to a game or to the stadium

  9. Wow that's awesome! I hope to one day be in shape enough to do one of these.

  10. You always have so much fun. I love your photos. Amber N

  11. Well, the tailgate party certainly isn't what I would have expected. The photos you did manage to take were pretty cool!

  12. This looks like a great event and you had so much fun! Love those awesome nails!

  13. That sucks that they had such bad attitudes. Workers can make or break an experience.

  14. I love your nails! I need to learn how to do that for my daughter.

  15. I would be motivated to do something like this if it was in my stadium too. What a fun event!

  16. That sounds like a fun event, but pooh on the staff for being jerks about photo opps! You still managed to get a few great shots though!

  17. First of all let me compliment you on your nail polish. I love that color. As for the tailgate party, I thinks the officials should have made more of an effort.

  18. My husband is a huge football fan so he would have loved this event. I love how you both shared in this experience as a couple.

  19. I'm not a football fan because I have no idea at all about football. Hubby hates the 49ers because we're from NY. GO GIANTS! :)

  20. That nail polish is totally sexy - you are so active haha! I wish we have the chance to go there too.