Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Reflection

2014 just flew by! Do the years just continue to fly by faster & faster the older we get?! Craziness! Well 2014 has definitely been good to me & my hubby so let's recap a few highlights from this year :)

~Got my Yelp Elite status renewed for the year!
~Attended my first San Jose Sharks game & started my addiction to the sport
~Left my job at LifeHouse/Advantage Rehab Solutions
~Got picked as Review of the Day by Yelp :D
~Attended Lobsterfest's wedding
~Ran the Color Run in SF with an amazing group
~Saw Gavin DeGraw in concert & met him again for the 3rd time! ♥
~Attended 2 Sharks playoff games
~I turned 27 in June, meep!
~Attended FanimeCon for the first time
~Saw Backstreet Boys in concert again at Shoreline with Stephen
~Took my sisters to their first San Francisco Giants game on Hello Kitty Day
~Participated in the SJ Giants, SF Giants, SJ Sharks & SF 49ers 5K runs
~Vinh was sworn in as a reserve Army dietitian
~Yelp's 10-year anniversary weekend events & meeting the CEO Jeremy :)
~Our 2-year wedding anniversary ♥
~Adopting Darla & Libby into our hearts & home :)
~Attended my first 49ers football game
~Joining On Lok Lifeways as my new job & lovin' it! :D
~Flew to Oahu, Hawaii for our first trip away from the mainland & to attend Helean's wedding!
~Watching the San Francisco Giants win their 3rd World Series title in 5 years!
~Meeting Burns #88 & Stalock #32 from the SJ Sharks :)
~Family time over the holidays
~Getting contacted by companies to do sponsored reviews

~Continue to do running/5Ks
~Continue to become a more competent OT
~Travel more!
~Have fun! :)

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  1. Cheers to a fantastic 2014 and 2015!!! :) Lots of fun adventures ahead for you! :)