Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sharks vs Blues Game

Merry Xmas Eve! I think the below photo from the Sharks vs Blues game on December 20th is very appropriate, no?

Us with Sharkie Claus!

We arrived at the SAP Center & tried to find one of a dozen free Sharkie gnome bobbleheads, but to no avail. Darn those fast fans, haha! Next we had our photo with the awesome Sharkie Claus before stumbling upon the holiday sweaters from our team's Holiday Sweater music video! If you haven't watched the video, do it! It's stuck in my head :P

Holiday sweaters!

I ended up purchasing a holiday mystery puck & I'm happy to say I didn't get Mirco Mueller's puck again! I got our newbie Matt Tennyson, who just happened to score his first NHL goal in the previous game :)

Mystery puck

Matt Tennyson #80

Vinh ordered a double shot of Patron Sharkarita for me to get buzzed off during the first part of game. Not complaining though, it was a good drink ;)

Sharkarita :)

Sharkie Claus decided to ride out on his ATV with his elf helper to start the game off!

Sharkie Claus & elf :)

The game was pretty boring with no goals in the first period. We then were trailing to the St. Louis Blues 1-2 in the second period. Within the last 20 seconds of the third period, we scored & tied the game 2-2. We ended up winning in overtime with a minute left & an awesome shot by Burns to finish it off :)

Game start!

Holiday cheer meter

Pink Panther?!

Sharks win 3-2!

Burnzie getting a hug from Sharkie Claus

Burns was obviously our star of the night. Check out this video of him getting a hug from Sharkie Claus as he was announced to be the first star! Too cute :)

Do you want a photo with Sharkie Claus? What about a hug?! :D


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Sharkie Claus is very cute!!

  2. Lol that video is funny! I want a hug from Sharkie Claus!

  3. Sharkie claus is adorable. Sounds like you guys had a fun time.

  4. Oh how fun! How I miss going to NHL games myself! I haven't been in years, so I'm loving this! - Jeanine

  5. Love the Sharks santa hat! I want to meet Sharkie!

  6. Hahaha.... looks like you had a fantastic time. How could you not with Sharkie at the game.

  7. I love the shark in the Santa costume! Looks like you had a great time at the game.

  8. Looks like a lot of fun, wish I was there! You look so cute dressed up. I've never been to a live game like that, your pictures make me feel like I am there in the action with you.

  9. Sharkie Claus! Too cute! And I like that puck, too!

  10. Hockey games are so much fun. They really do go from boing to excitin gin no time.

  11. Looks like you had a great time! I miss watching hockey, my boys played for years growing up.

  12. ooo how cool to get a signed hockey puck! Sharkie is always so funny! :)