Wednesday, December 10, 2014

YEE: North Bay Holiday Soiree at Spicy Manor

On December 6th, I got to take a trip up to wine country! What's an awesome way to spend a Saturday evening? A Yelp elite party in wine country: North Bay Holiday Soiree at Spicy Manor! I had the pleasure of bringing my childhood friend Stephen L as my +1 as the hubs had to do his monthly Army training.

Holiday fun in wine country

Spicy Manor is a gorgeous venue for the event. It reminds me of a homey ranch. As you walk into the manor, you see an xmas tree with our Yelpy stocking stuffers, yay! There's also a pool table & a bar area for us to sample their Spicy Vine wines.

Vineyards out front

Spicy Manor

Yelp check in table

Yelp cookie cutter :O

Spicy Vines cork to redeem 2 wine tastings

Xmas tree with Yelp tote bags filled with stocking stuffers

Wine/cocktail bar

Stephen & I with our Spicy Vines wine :)

We hit up Shannon & her photobooth only a bajillion times throughout the night. It's only a Yelp staple & must do, right? Even CM Kevin got in on the camera action. Even Stephen L had a photo sesh with his prize of ham & hot dogs, haha!

Outside happenings

True Story Foods provided some yummy organic meats for us to sample. My favorite was their chicken sausage with mozarella, basil & tomato, yum! Pastanza provided a big pasta bar with many veggies, 3 sauces, meatballs/shrimp & pasta. You got your pasta all freshly cooked at the end of the bar, all warm & delish!


Sweet Italian chicken skewers

Cheddar & apple wrapped in honey maple ham

Veggies for the pasta bar

Sauces, protein & pasta

Basil, cheese & garlic bread

Pasta bar

My pasta being cooked up

Delicious pasta!

Live music from the balcony

I shall leave you with my gazillion photobooth photos from the evening :)

Starting our photobooth adventure

Frame it!

I'm an elf ;)

Spicy Vines wine


Cheesin' it :P

Group time!

More peeps!

The beginnings of Markus annoying poor Elaine :P

Joyous times :P


Oh Markus...

With Shannon, our fab photographer of the night!

Kisses for Shannon


By the way, Stephen won some prizes from True Story Foods: honey ham & sausages. He was so happy that we decided to do a montage of photos in the booth, haha! You can see more photos from the booth here.

Thanks Kevin, Spicy Manor & the other vendors for a great start to all the holiday parties to come! :)

Want to know more about Yelp Elite & Yelp community events? Just ask & I'll gladly answer, just be sure to leave your contact info!


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