Tuesday, January 27, 2015

CMYE: Passport to Petaluma Tasting Tour @ Lagunitas

I was ecstatic to find out that I got into a North Bay Passport to Petaluma event: Tasting Tour at Lagunitas Brewing Company! What made it even better was that it was a really nice day out for a mini road trip with Vinh up to North Bay for this event :)

Lagunitas Brewing Company

Vinh & I arrived at Lagunitas with about 15 minutes to spare. We were let up into The Loft where all the VIPs get to hang out & taste Lagunitas' awesome beer! Jeff was our host with the most/bartender/tour guide. Hub & I ended up trying 7 different beers with 5 of them being their usual beer flight. All very good. My favorites had to have been the Censored & the Cappuccino Stout. Food was also provided during the beer drinking, which included brats, sandwiches & big pretzels. Yum!

I love their sign & the address :P

Big ol' containers of beer!

Through the gate to the tap room

The Loft aka VIP area, yay!

Awesome bar

Sitting on a saddle at the bar, hah!

Flight of beer

Enjoying our beer flight

Jeff's shirt "ruthlessly delicious" :)

Brats & ham/bacon sandwiches

Big pretzels

Nice big cup of cappuccino stout!

Jeff doing last call for drinks

After having our bellies filled with food & beer, Jeff took us on a mini tour of Lagunitas' facilities from start to finish. I honestly don't remember as much from the tour after all the beer, but I do remember Jeff saying something about the San Jose Sharks. Heck yes!

Inside the facility

The Loft from the outside

Barrels of goodness

More facilities

The making of goodness

Gimme all the beer!

Heck yes, Lagunitas!

Cappuccino stout, breakfast of champs? :P

Random seats near their store

Lagunitas sign

Panorama of the facilities *click for larger view*

Selfie in the parking lot, haha

Overall, a very fun & chill event. Just the way I like spending a Sunday afternoon! Thanks Kevin, Jeff & the Lagunitas crew for an awesome start to my 2015 Yelpy year :)

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  1. That sounds like a great event! We love tasting wines and beers.

  2. One day you're going to look back on this blog and just be amazed at the adventure you have documented. I have never been tasting for anything, but it sounds fun.

  3. There are tons of breweries in my area that you can tour like this. We even have one called Luck Dog Breweries which is similar to the one that you visited.

  4. What a fun thing to get to do! I have always wanted to take a brewery tour! It looks like you had so much fun!

  5. We have some breweries in Portsmouth and Boston that you can tour. I've never been myself primarily because I'm not a big fan of beer. But if you are, I can see how this could be an amazing fun day out.

  6. Sounds like something really fun to experience. And the food looks amazing too!

  7. It looks like you had a really fun time! Brewery tours are always a lot of fun.

  8. Looks like you had a blast. I would love to experience it with my hubby

  9. What a great time! I love to eat and drink - those sandwiches look awesome.

  10. That brewery is huge! They have an awesome bar too. Love that VIP area!

  11. What a fun experience! Isn't it nice to be treated like a VIP?!

  12. That is such a fun tasting! I don't drink, but I have always wanted to tour through a brewery. Glad you were treated well!

  13. Wow sounds like a great experience! I've never been to a tasting before but think it would be loads of fun!

  14. This would be an amazing experience. The food looks tasty as well.

  15. Gotta love Yelp Elite Events! I want to know how the Cappuccino brew tasted? Was the coffee flavor subtle?

  16. How much fun is that! I know quite a few of my family members who would love this. They love going through all of the craft breweries and trying the different style beers. I love the big pretzel too. Now that would be my favorite.

  17. Tha looks like a lot of fun,Food and drink looks great :).

  18. We have quite a few breweries and wineries up here in Michigan. It's one of the largest money makers for the state. I love going on tasting tours.

  19. You always go to fun places. I would love to take the hubby there.

  20. Visiting breweries is one of my favorite things to do! Looks like you had such a fun trip!

  21. Angela5:08 PM

    I love going on brewery tours. It looks like you had a fantastic day!

  22. Oh what a fun experience! I would love to go

  23. I always find going to factories interesting and educational
    What a fun tour you guys had

  24. Looks like a fun tour. The food looks delicious, and the beer, well, I have to try them myself. lo. Thanks for sharing this. Would love to check them out! :)

  25. you got some great pics inside the brewery!