Tuesday, April 7, 2015

CMYE: Yelp Helps Appreciation Party

Remember that Vinh & I volunteered via Yelp Helps back on Valentine's Day? Well that hard work paid off as we were able to attend the Yelp Helps Appreciation Party on March 29th! What an awesome way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon than in Sausalito celebrating all the volunteering by Yelpers all across the Bay!

Us all chillin' on the couch

I had the pleasure of bringing my little sister Lonnie to her first Yelp event whilst my hubs brought his cousin Conic (also a first timer!). We arrived a few minutes early & found parking uphill just the next block over. Checking in was a breeze & off we went to get our nametags & Elite Yelp beach towels. We decided to veer to the left & were pleasantly surprised with the Snappea photobooth, an absolute must do at any event.

Rose or moscato?

Kettle Chips

Moon or banana? You be the judge :P

We then went to get a TRU jasmine lemonade outside the photobooth room while listening to the DJ jammin' away! Even CM Abby turned into DJ Downtown Abby for a bit!

Drink menu

TRU Drink Bar

Outside were even more drinks & food of Heretic, Snake Bite, Raw Coconut Water, True Story Sausage & Pinx Catering. Definitely kudos to Pinx for the delicious pulled pork sliders & bacon potato salad, yum! Snake Bite was my favorite libation of the afternoon.

Raw Coconut Water

Outside area

True Story sausage

Pulled pork slider with bacon potato salad

Snake Bite

DJ Downtown Abby aka CM SF

Lonnie with a drink ;)

Vinh & Lonnie also got to make a little keepsake with gogo-craft before ending the party with Phils Coffee. Hubs doing arts & crafts is a rare sight, haha! It was great running into all my Bay peeps at the party & catching up :)

Lonnie & Vinh crafting

Vinh transferring images onto paper

Fun in the backseat, haha

My Yelp Helps button

You can also check out the reviews & more photos here. Take a look at our photobooth photos :)

Much thanks to our CMs Kevin, Candice, Nique & Abby for putting this shindig together! Also kudos to Studio 333 for hosting us & the other vendors for feeding us. Go Yelp Helps :)

Want to know more about Yelp Elite & Yelp community events? Just ask & I'll gladly answer, just be sure to leave your contact info!


  1. What a fun event. You guys go to the coolest things!

  2. Now that you broke your little sister in on Yelp. She is going to want to go to them all with you.

  3. Very cool! This event looks to have had some especially great drinks!

  4. Oh wow. Sounds like a whole lot of fun - events like this are always full of happiness and whole lot of drinks, too!

  5. I am always so impressed with your Yelp events. Again, this looks like another exciting one!

  6. Sounds like a great party! The food looks great too!

  7. Awesome! They threw a great party for all the Yelp helpers! The venue is so beautiful too!

  8. You get to go to the coolest events. That pulled pork slider looks yummy.

  9. Thanks! I would love to know how to be involved in Yelp Elite and community events. I'm always so excited about the ones you post! Please email me with info thrillofthechases@gmail.com

  10. How fun and as always the food look so great. I applied for Yelp Elite and was informed I need to get more involved first with Yelp. I do love Yelp.

  11. That is so cool - and love that you are so active and go out and participate in so many fun adventure - now this one - Sausalito celebrating all the volunteering by Yelpers - Wow! And, your sister is adorable! :)

  12. What a great party! You sure are loving life. amber N

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  15. Looks like you had a good time! The drinks all looked very tasty! They made me thirsty!

  16. Now this is a party. From food to decor to those amazing pictures.

  17. Snake Bite? Ooh .... interesting for sure! Looks like it was a super fun event!

  18. Sounds like a fun full party! The pictures clearly shows that you had a great time out there. It is great that, Yelp has arranged the events in such a lovely manner.

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