Thursday, May 7, 2015

YEE: Yelp's Grape Gatsby Party

Man, North Bay threw quite the affair on Sunday May 3rd with their Grape Gatsby Party! My sister Helen accompanied me all the way up to DeLoach Vineyards :)

Helen & I enjoying the party

Check in was a breeze with our Bay CMs & even CMs from other areas. Elites got to attend an extra hour early for VIP hour! We got to head into a private room for vino, fruit/cheese platters & charcuterie. Gotta love the big wine barrel with fake legs sticking out of it :P

Event card

Outside area in the front

Brian busking away

VIP elite room

Ooh la la legs :P

Gorgeous decor

Fruit/cheese & charcuterie platters

DeLoach barrels

We made our way back to the lawn, but first had to stopby the awesome photobooth run by Shannon! Never a dull moment there! Then we got unlimited amount of cookies to try & bring home, what?! Plus, bubbles were floating everywhere in this room. Did I mention tasting from the barrel in the awesome barrel room? Loved the barrel lights.

Cookie display

Cookies galore!

Kettle Chips

 I also loved what I deemed the "Gatsby" room with the acrobatic performer in a glitzy room. What was even better was that The Great Gatsby was playing in the background. Can't beat having Leo party with us ;)

Aerial dancer


Gorgeous setup

Hello Mr. Gatsby!

Special vino

Gun lamp, what?!

 Outside was met with EAT24, Kettle Chips, Pinx Catering, coconut water, Hint water, kombucha, crepes & more vino! There was live music, a poet on a typewriter & a massage therapist. Plenty of entertainment on a lovely Sunday afternoon. I mist say we left with quite the number of goodies & great memories.

Apple chips

Clearly Kombucha

The Poetry Store

Nutella & fruit crepe

Helen getting a massage

Dixie band on the lawn

Pinx Catering nomz

Banana bread pudding, yum!

Bubbles in the background

Tada, barrel room!

After barrel tasting in this awesome room

Outside DeLoach 


Custom poem for Vinh :P

Here's a look at our photobooth photos :)

Thanks to Kevin, DeLoach Vineyards, the rest of the CMs & the sponsors for a 1920s good time :)

Want to know more about Yelp Elite & Yelp community events? Just ask & I'll gladly answer, just be sure to leave your contact info!


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