Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hello Kitty's Supercute Friendship Festival

You know all those sick hours at work? I used a sick day off to play hooky & go have a kawaii day at Hello Kitty's Supercute Friendship Festival! Vinh & my sisters came along for the ride into Hello Kitty goodness :)

Hello Kitty herself, yay!

We arrived at the Oracle Arena (home of the Warriors, yee!) a little early & got in line to enter into the festival. Once inside, we were welcomed by a huge Hello Kitty popcorn with a small theater of Sanrio videos. There was also some specialized outfits made for certain characters along with a backdrop to take photos with.


Hello Kitty popcorn

Badtz Maru dress

Happy as can be!

Once you cross through into the real portion of the festival, you are bombarded with cuteness everywhere! Photo backdrops galore, Sanrio merchandise, mini shows with the characters, temporary tattoos, face painting, photobooth, how to draw stations & more! If you love Hello Kitty/Sanrio, you would love this ;)

Spam musubi

We fit in a Hello Kitty slipper!

Keroppi's pond

Hangin' with Keroppi's snail friend

The Little Twin Stars backdrop was my favorite photo op of the day! Not only are they my zodiac sign, they were my first memory of Sanrio :)

Kisses for the hubs!

Group photo

Surf on the moon

Cute little storefront

You could write cute postcards to Hello Kitty as well! I wanted a few to send to my friends as well, but at least Miss Kitty got one ;)

Postcard for Hello Kitty

Off to the mailbox!

Vinh's attempt at drawing Hello Kitty

Old Sanrio merch

Vinh's Keroppi at the very top & mine's the tiny one at the bottom

At around 12:30PM, we rushed back to the very first backdrop cuz Hello Kitty herself was going to make an appearance for photo ops at 12:50PM. She didn't disappoint :P

Hugs for Kitty-chan!

Holding hands & looking cute :)

Asian pose, hah!

Be silly!

Spam in a can

Festival view *click for larger view*

Temporary tattoo options

Vroom vroom, baby!

Main stage for performances

All of our temporary tattoos, can you guess who's who?

Kitty performance *click for larger view*


Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel, aww!


My Melody's bakery

Pom Pom Purin's dreamland

Chillin' on a moon

Keroppi facepaint hangin' with Keroppi

Our photobooth snaps below:

Hello Kitty version

Keroppi version

Overall, I totally recommend this festival for anyone that loves Hello Kitty or Sanrio in general. Plus, it's quite interactive for people of all ages! You can look up event information here.

Would you attend Hello Kitty's Supercute Friendship Festival? :)


  1. Oh, what a fun festival. My girls love Hello Kitty. I'm sure they'll be thrilled to meet Hello Kitty in person.

  2. How fun! My young nieces love Hello Kitty, so they would have loved this festival.

  3. I never knew of such a place. This looks wonderful! So fun and such a happy place.

  4. Okay, that looks like fun. My daughter used to love Hello Kitty.

  5. Hello Kitty is so cute. This looked like it was the best time! I like those cute scenes they set up.

  6. Oh my girls would have such a blast with this one! Looks like such a fun time, hello kitty is so cute! - Jeanine

  7. I think Hello Kitty is so cute. Looks like a lot of fun! Amber N

  8. That black dress is HAWT! This whole post is just oozing cute though, haha. :P

  9. What an adorable event and it looks like you had a great time. It would be fun to take my little niece to. She would love it. I have to say that your husband is a trooper and he has such a great smile.

  10. Now this looks like a place that any Hello Kitty fan would love. It's still kind of strange to me that Hello Kitty is not supposed to be a cat just a regular girl, lol.

  11. I know a few people who would love this. They are huge Hello Kitty fans. Wish I would have known about it sooner!

  12. That looks like so much fun. I love the pictures with Hello Kitty.