Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour

Hope everyone had a good weekend! How did I start mine off? Attending Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour, yay! :D

Swifties :P

We had my sister drop us off & we walked towards Levi's Stadium since we knew traffic would be horrendous. We got checked in real quick & I bought a Taylor tank cuz why not? Then we proceeded to walk all the way up to the fourth level where are seats were...under the scorching sun!


First up was Shawn Mendes to start things off! I love his song "Stitches" & he is a cutie! Great voice & love his songs. He even covered Ed Sheeran :)

Shawn Mendes

Selfie time

Up next was Vance Joy & honestly, I had no clue who he was. Well, that is until his song "Riptide" came on, haha. I liked that he played the ukulele at one point, it was cute :P

Vance Joy takes the stage

Wristbands ready!

Taylor Swift came on with a bang & that momentum kept on going through the whole concert! She had the wristbands blinking different lights to her songs, pretty awesome! Taylor is quite the performer/entertainer, so much so that Vinh has become a Swiftie, bahahaa! I have some videos uploaded, but YouTube may have taken down some for copyright so enjoy what is available *sigh*

Wristbands activated

So pretty!

TSwift with Fifth Harmony

During Taylor's acoustic performance, Great America (the theme park next door) shot off their fireworks. Taylor goes "Fireworks! Huh, those aren't my fireworks!" It was really cool seeing her perform & the fireworks finished as she finished her song :)

Fireworks in the sky

Fireworks, TSwift & wristbands

Performing "Love Story"

We are never ever ever getting back together!

T-Swift ended the night with "Shake It Off" & it was a total party up in there! Wristbands flashing different colors, the runway revolving & people up dancing! It totally ended with a bang with Taylor's own firework finale :)


Definitely one of the best concerts I've ever been to! Have you ever been to a Taylor Swift concert? If not, do you want to go now? :)


  1. Oh wow it sounds like you had an amazing time that arena is so big as well! x

  2. She was in Boston recently, too. All my friends with teen/tween girls took them to the show.

  3. I bet this was a great concert. My son has been wanting to go see her.

  4. Oh you are so lucky! I love me some taylor swift and her concerts have got to be awesome.

  5. I would love to attend a Taylor Swift concert. I love listening to her songs in the car.

  6. I actually love Taylor Swift! My son's girlfriend got tickets for them to see the 1989 show (which is the year they were born, too) and they had a great time!

  7. My daughter would be so jealous! Sounds like it was great night.

  8. Looks like this was a real fun time! My kids just love her!

  9. What a spectacular show! I haven't seen a cool live show in a while and I like Taylor's music.

  10. Wow that looks like some concert! Looks like you enjoyed yourselves. The bracelets are so cool!

  11. I have always wanted to go to a Taylor Swift concert. It looks like you had such a great time. I love how the bracelets light up to her music.

  12. How cool. You all look like you had the time of your lives.

  13. Looks like you guys had a great time! Its been a while since I attended a great concert and I would love to watch Taylor Swift live! Thanks for sharing. Those bracelets are so cool!

  14. You guys had a blast! I love Taylor Swift and I have most of her songs in my playlist.

  15. My girls BEGGED me for tickets to her show. I think I may need to get them now for my daughters birthday. Taylor will be in our city so I think it would be perfect. They just LOVE her. How fun! - Jeanine

  16. I like Taylor Swifft. I bet it was a great concert.

  17. Anonymous9:05 AM

    What a great event. I am a big fan of Taylor Swift - she is one of the few that I actually recognize her name. I think she is half of my running play list.

  18. I love that she sang acoustic for a song. The fireworks were a big added bonus to it, I'm sure!