Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Halloween 2015

Second Halloween that I had to celebrate without the hubs, this time due to his BOLC training. Luckily, I had my coworkers, bestie & my sisters to spend it with :)

Pokémon fan & Alice

To start off the festivities, I got the Halloween frapp from Starbucks. Too sweet for my liking & that's saying a lot as I love sweets!

The day before at work, the rehab team dressed up to celebrate with all our participants. I had to be a Sharks player this year even though most of my participants had no idea who/what I was :P

On Lok rehab team

Kimmie the Magic 8 ball

Group photo

Joanne, Annie x2, Gladys

On Halloween Day, I headed down to hang with my bestie & my sisters. We had fun getting dressed up & getting cheap Chipotle burritos, yum! Even Darla & Libby got dressed up as a taco & race car respectively :P

Darla & Libby

Libby the race car

Darla the taco

The sisters & I with Darla :P

Sleeping race car

Neighborhood Halloween decor

Don't kill the skeleton...oh wait...

Kisses for the scared taco

How was your Halloween? Do you dress up your pets? :)