The name is ANNIE, but others may call me Anniemayzing or Annie Bananie. I am an ABC (American born Chinese) living in the Bay Area. Yup, I say "hella" in my daily conversations. I have been licensed & certified to be an occupational therapist & have been working since May 2012. It's only the best career ever! My hobbies include photography, travel, attending Yelp events & living life to the fullest.

We met in February of 2002 through our high school badminton team. After half a year of getting to know each other, Vinh finally asked me out on August 20, 2002. After a little over 9 years of dating, Vinh dressed up as a knight in shining armor walking a white horse along the Lewiston River to propose on October 29, 2011. My very own knight in shining armor fulfilled my fairytale fantasy, hehe. We officially tied the knot on August 20, 2012, our 10-year anniversary. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect right down to it's spontaneity *giggle* He's been my rock, my support, my everything ♥